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6 New, Creative Uses for Your Shed

Looking for a new room in your home? Sometimes adding extra square footage to your home is not an option, so homeowners must get a bit creative. One place where you can create that extra “room”: your outdoor shed. Those small outbuildings can be used for more than just storing your lawnmower, grill, and seasonal necessities. Here are some creative uses for your shed:

An Upgraded Doghouse

For pet lovers with larger breed dogs, dogs who are having litters, or dogs who live in tepid climates, upgrading your shed into a doghouse is an option. If your dog is going to be in there frequently, consider installing insulation to help keep the temperature warm. Another upgrade is the addition of a doggy door that leads out to a fenced play area, complete with a water bowl and all the toys Spot may require. Hunker has some great tips on converting your shed into a doghouse.

An Extra #WFH Office

Sometimes we need a quiet place to get away when we’re working remotely –  and an office in our main house may not cut it. Convert your shed into your new office space. Make sure that you have proper electricity and Wi-Fi connectivity (if needed for your position). Just because you have Wi-Fi in your house does not mean that you’ll be able to pick up the connection from the location of your shed.

A Pool House

A shed that’s located near your pool can help you create your own backyard oasis. Turn your shed into a pool house or poolside bar. To create a bar atmosphere, create a window-like opening on one side of your shed and add a wide ledge for the bar top. Add a few stools and potentially an awning so you can enjoy your cocktails if it begins to sprinkle. Another option is to add sliding glass doors and create a cabana-like space that you can retreat to when the summer rays are too extreme.

A Music Room

The garage doesn’t have to be the only place for band practice. Use your shed as a space to play your musical instruments. If you live close to neighbors, install soundproof studio foam or wall panels. Another consideration to make is the temperature of your shed. There are many best practices when storing musical instruments, including the temperature. Check out our previous blog post that looks at some of the best ways to store your guitars.

A Yoga Retreat

You can transform your shed into a Zen place for all of your yoga practice and meditation needs. Since many yogis are looking to connect with the elements, add a garage door and/or windows to your shed so that the space can be open to the outdoors. Use a tranquil color scheme inside of the shed, incorporating some favorite yoga studio shades: purples, lighter tones of pinks, and soft greens. If you’re looking to dive into a large project, consider installing a cork floor or beautiful wood paneling. We suggest avoiding any bright, potentially anxiety-inducing colors. To complete the room, add in a few salt lamps, plants, yoga mats, and a wireless speaker to play your favorite spa-like tunes.

If your workout routine doesn’t include yoga, you can also turn your shed into an outdoor gym.

Your shed can also be used in more traditional ways, including a potting shed or carpenter’s workshop.

If you decide to use your shed as an extension of your home, you might be wondering, “where do I store everything that was in it?” A storage unit is a perfect place to help house your gear! Prime Storage has self storage facilities nationwide, featuring convenient exterior units with drive-up accessibility. If you have a large outbuilding on your property that’s currently occupied by an extra vehicle, you can find a Prime Storage facility near you that also offers vehicle storage. To find a Prime Storage location near you, visit and get your storage unit rental started!

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