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Your Guide to Guitar Storage

Have a guitar to store? Make sure that your guitar is stored properly so that it doesn’t get damaged. We’ve got the guide you need.

As with any instrument, the guitar is a finely-balanced, highly-sensitive item that, if improperly cared for, can be easily compromised or damaged. This is true no matter the type or model of guitar.

In this guide, we at Prime Storage want to offer a quick primer on how you can take care of your guitar and related equipment. We know your instrument is precious to you and an outlet for your creative spirit, so we want to honor that by helping you preserve and, thus, play songs on it for many years to come.

Guitar Storage Ideas

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Maybe you have one, treasured guitar or, maybe you have several, each for a specific purpose (or just because you think they look awesome!). Regardless, there are some practical tips you can employ to make the most of your space and keep your guitar(s) healthy in the meantime.

Let’s start with the most obvious. If you intend to regularly use your guitar and want to keep it in arms-reach, you’re going to be less interested in long term guitar storage, and more interested in how to take care of it within your immediate surroundings. This means your first priority is to make sure nothing crushes or scratches your guitar, followed by keeping it off the ground where it could be stained, made dusty, or chewed on by pets. You can accomplish this by hanging it on a wall-mounted guitar rack. 

However, an even safer option is to lock it in a designated, hard guitar case with inside padding. Regardless, you want to store the guitar in an upright position, and definitely not with multiple guitars on top of one another, irrespective of whether they’re in cases or not. If you don’t have space for vertical storage, then storing it sideways is the next best thing.

Long-Term Guitar Storage

If you are looking to store for a greater length of time, you should consider loosening the tension of the strings on the neck. Do not slacken them entirely – just by one or two half steps. If you give them too much slack, the neck runs the risk of bowing during storage, leading to lasting damage to the guitar.

In the more specific circumstance that you need to store vibrato-equipped guitars, make sure you detach the arms first. For Bigsby vibratos, these arms can instead fold back to rest below the top of the bridge, which is the preferred means of storing that specific guitar.

Guitar Amp Storage

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When storing amps, there’s a few rules to consider. The first is that amps should not be stored on top of each other, especially not without any padding between them. Even then, it’s advised that you keep as much weight off the top of them as possible, since over time it’s likely to compress the amp slightly, damaging the inner circuitry.

We also suggest using amp covers. This prevents dust from settling inside your amp when it’s idle, reducing the amp and speakers’ overall lifespan.

Guitar Equipment Storage

There are a lot of different kinds of equipment guitar owners are likely to have. From cables to pedals and possibly even production gear, each of these things will have their own storage tips and guidelines, too many of which to outline here. Our best advice is to pack things slowly and carefully, using cases when possible so nothing is bearing too much weight. 

If you have a specific item, we encourage you to research what the manufacturer of that device believes is the best way to store it.

High Quality Guitar Storage for You

If you’ve got guitars, amps, and ancillary equipment in need of a good storage facility, Prime Storage has you covered! From climate controlled storage, to robust size options and excellent customer service, our storage facilities are designed inside and out for your convenience. With Prime Storage, you’ll get no headaches – just reach out to us with any questions you have about our storage units or process, and we’d love to help find you the best resting spot for your instruments.

Find a self storage unit near you for your guitar today!

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