Car Storage

From a classic car collection to a seasonal ride, Prime Storage has the space to help you store an extra car (or two or three), giving you more room for your everyday vehicles. We offer covered and uncovered car storage at select facilities to suit your budget and needs.

Find Storage Space for Your Car with Prime

At Prime Storage, we understand not everyone has the garage or driveway space to hold multiple cars. Instead of sacrificing your summer convertible or all-wheel drive ride, consider convenient and affordable self storage near you. Many of our self storage locations offer indoor storage and outdoor parking solutions for cars of all sizes. Find a Prime Storage facility near you to see what car storage options are available today.


Car Storage Tips

Before storing your car and calling it a day, ensuring it meets proper standards is essential, especially when storing a vehicle long-term. Follow these steps to help prevent weather damage to your ride and prepare it for storage:

  • Ensure your car runs and can be driven.
  • Clean your car, removing dirt, moisture, and salt and treating rust. Waxing and polishing after cleaning can also help preserve the paint.
  • Disconnect the car battery to prevent it from draining.
  • Occasionally check fluid levels and run the engine to ensure everything is still in working order.
What do I need to rent car storage?

The vehicle you plan to store must be in working order and drivable to rent car storage. You must also provide an up-to-date title, insurance, and registration.

What types of cars can be stored at your facility?

Cars come in all shapes and sizes, and Prime offers diverse storage solutions to suit various needs. Consider us a second garage for your vehicle, whether a sedan, SUV, or pickup. Check your local facility to see what drive-up units or parking storage spaces are available to accommodate your vehicle.

Is there a difference between indoor, covered, and uncovered car storage?

Indoor car storage is an enclosed space, usually a drive-up unit, similar to a garage and large enough to fit a vehicle. Covered car storage provides a protective roof over an open parking space to help shield your vehicle from the elements. Uncovered storage is an open parking space suitable for cars built to withstand various weather conditions.


Rent your Car Storage Space with Prime Today

No need to fret over storage space for your car if your garage or driveway is full. Prime Storage has locations nationwide, many of which offer indoor and outdoor car storage solutions. Find a facility near you and see what parking storage options are available today!