Motorcycle Storage

Whether you live in a temperate climate or an area with ever-changing seasons, owning a motorcycle is a small luxury enjoyed by many. While a bike may not take up as much space as a traditional vehicle, finding proper storage for your ride is key. When the cold weather sets in, or you lack the garage space for your bike, turn to Prime Storage.

Flexible Motorcycle Storage with Prime

Motorcycles are great for enjoying but can be challenging to store if you lack a large enough garage or shed. Instead of giving up your recreational ride, check indoor and outdoor motorcycle storage options at your local Prime Storage. Many of our storage facilities offer outdoor parking spaces or shed and garage-size drive-up units to accommodate all sorts of motor vehicles. In addition, Prime Storage offers extended access hours and month-to-month leases, so you can drop off or pick up your motorcycle at your convenience and store it for as little or as long as you need.



Winterizing Your Motorcycle and Preparing it for Storage

Cooler temperatures and shorter days mean it’s time to put away your bike for the season. Although everyone has their own methods for caring for their bikes, Prime Storage has tips for storing your motorcycle long-term to help keep it in tip-top riding shape season after season:

  • Top off fluids and change your oil to prevent corrosion, which helps ensure your bike runs back up in the spring.
  • Extend the life of your bike chain by waxing and lubricating it before putting your motorcycle in storage.
  • Place a cover over your motorcycle to help prevent dust and dirt buildup while your bike is idle and protect against scratches and moisture.
  • Don’t overinflate your tires; place cardboard, plywood, or carpet squares under them if you want extra protection and better peace of mind.


Indoor and Outdoor Motorcycle Storage

Motorcyclists living in a warmer or dryer climate who only need to store a motorcycle short-term may be able to get away with an outdoor parking space. Select Prime Storage facilities offer small outdoor vehicle storage spaces ranging from 8’ to 15’, making them perfect for storing bikes between rides. Indoor motorcycle storage is generally more popular as it provides better long-term protection from the elements. Many Prime Storage locations have outdoor drive-up units sized 10’x10’ and larger to accommodate small vehicles, including motorcycles.


Rent Your Motorcycle Storage Space Today

If you’re wondering if you can store a motorcycle in a storage unit, the answer is yes. For motorcyclists without a shed or garage space large enough to store their bikes, renting a storage unit is an excellent option. Prime Storage has storage facilities nationwide and in Canada, with affordable vehicle storage solutions at select locations to help keep your beloved bike(s) in top shape throughout the winter months or whenever you need to take it off the road. Find a Prime Storage facility near you to see what indoor or outdoor storage options are available today!