When Life Demands Space®

Home Storage

Wish you had one extra closet, shed, basement or bedroom at home? Prime Storage can make that a reality, with storage units of various sizes and types fit for any kind of home storage need.

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Prime Storage - Leesburg
When Life Demands Space®

Residential Storage Units for Houses, Apartments, and More

When Life Demands Space®, rethink storage as a door to more. From longtime homeowners to military members to college students renting apartments, our customers here at Prime Storage seeking space for their homes are as diverse as our self storage solutions. Discover more about how we can serve your household storage needs.


Uses for Home Storage

Wish you had one extra closet, shed, basement or bedroom at home? Prime Storage can make that a reality, with storage units of various sizes and types fit for any kind of home storage need. Our self storage spaces are commonly used to store household items such as the following:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Clothing
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Office equipment and supplies
  • Personal paperwork and documents
  • And more

Home Staging, Buying, or Renovations

Whether you’re renovating your home or staging it for sale (or both), a storage unit is a big help when you need to clear out the clutter. Store all the items from one area of your house as you make repairs, or minimize extra furniture and knick-knacks to have your rooms looking clean and minimal before potential buyers tour the space.

Moving and Life Transitions

Moving, downsizing, and unexpected life events and challenges are all common reasons for using a self storage unit. Are you a college student moving back home for the summer or between apartment leases and needing space for all your stuff? A standard drive-up unit or climate controlled storage has you (and your belongings) covered for the semester or longer. Looking to downsize your lifestyle in retirement? Self storage is a perfect place to stow away the things you’re not quite ready to sell or give away while opening up room in your smaller home.

Seasonal Clothing and Equipment

From bulky sweaters and boots to garden tools, sports equipment, and lawn supplies, self storage is a great go-to solution for keeping off-season belongings off-site until you need them again. It’ll save you space in your closets, garage, or shed until you’re ready to swap out the items you need.

Features and Benefits of Home Storage

Though a storage unit can be an extension of your garage, it’s not just that. At Prime Storage’s self storage facilities across the United States, we’re proud to offer features and amenities to streamline your household storage experience.

Wide Variety of Unit Types and Sizes

With various storage unit sizes, types, and prices to work with your budget, you’re sure to find what you need at our neighborhood facilities. Choose drive-up storage for a more affordable and quickly accessible unit or opt for a climate controlled storage space that stays at a consistent temperature, keeping your stored items protected from extreme heat, cold, or humidity. Plus, many facilities have a full range of dimensions to select from, no matter if you need a small 5×5 or a large 10×30 storage unit.

Convenient, Daily Facility Access Hours

Can’t fit it in your schedule to visit your unit during regular office hours? No problem. Most of our storage facilities allow tenants to access the property seven days a week from early in the morning until late at night—making it easy to come by and pick up or drop off some items at the drop of a hat.

Flexible Self Storage Rentals and Payments

When you’re ready to rent a unit at Prime Storage, the process is simple: Reserve storage online in a matter of minutes. With flexible month-to-month leasing, you won’t get locked into a long-term rental contract, and you can pay for your unit using free autopayments, online bill-pay, or other convenient payment options.

Find Your Ideal Storage Unit Near Home

Whenever you need self storage for your home, unlocking more space for your life has never been easier. To find storage near you today, simply search for your location to contact or rent a unit at the Prime Storage facility closest to you!