Packing & Moving Supplies

Get the storage supplies you need.

Packing and moving supplies
Couple packing up their home as they downsize to a smaller home

How Many Boxes Do I Need?

It’s time to pack up your stuff, but the big question is how many boxes, rolls of tape, etc., you need. Prime Storage is here to help! Estimate about 15 boxes per room or one box per shelf, give or take. (Don’t forget to label your boxes!). We also offer best practices for organizing your unit and on-site carts and dollies to help move your belongings in and out as needed.

We want to make your move-in easy

Moving isn’t usually fun, but, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is there for you with tips, tricks, and assistance to make your storage experience an efficient one. And before you move in, here are a few other helpful reminders from your Prime family:

  • Box Planning

    Make a list of how many and what size boxes & containers you’ll need

  • Weather

    Check the weather for move-in day

  • Lock Your Unit

    Purchase the right lock for your unit door

  • Labeling

    Label your boxes so you’ll remember what’s in them