RV Storage

Whether you’re a full-time traveler, a spontaneous weekend adventurer, or simply need temporary space to store your RV, we’ve got you covered. Prime Storage has flexible storage options for various RV sizes.

Discover Ideal Storage Solutions for your RV  

Discover affordability and convenience when you choose Prime Storage. We understand the unique challenges of storing recreational vehicles and designed our storage solutions with that in mind. We offer indoor storage, outdoor parking, and covered parking for RVs at select locations, so maneuvering your camper in and out of storage is a breeze. Find a Prime Storage facility near you to see what RV storage options are available today.  


Flexibility Tailored to RV Owners  

We recognize that RVs come in various shapes and sizes, and our flexible storage options cater to those diverse needs. Whether you have a compact camper or a large motorhome, we have storage units or parking spaces that can accommodate your vehicle.  


Unmatched Convenience  

Our convenient access hours give you the flexibility to retrieve or park your RV at a time that suits your schedule, allowing you the freedom to plan your trips on your own time. Prime Storage also offers month-to-month leases so that you can easily store your RV during the off-season or year-round. Our commitment to flexibility ensures that your RV storage experience aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle.  

What types of RVs can be stored at your facility?

Select facilities are designed to accommodate a wide range of RVs, including motorhomes, travel trailers, campers, and more. We offer storage options suitable for various sizes and types of recreational vehicles.

Is there a difference between covered and uncovered RV storage?

Covered RV storage provides a protective roof over a parking space to help shield your vehicle from sun exposure and precipitation. Uncovered storage is an open parking space suitable for RVs built to withstand various weather conditions.

What should I do to prepare my RV for storage?

We recommend cleaning, removing perishable items, securing windows and vents, and winterizing your RV if applicable. You must also ensure your RV is in working order before storing it.


Rent your RV Storage Space with Prime Today  

Ready to take back your driveway space and store your RV? Visit a Prime Storage facility near you to rent your storage space today. Unsure of what size space your RV will need? Check out our size guide to help determine the size unit or parking space you need, or call us. Our team can help answer any questions you may have. Find a Prime Storage facility near you to get started today!