Boat Storage

Owning a boat can be a thrilling investment, offering endless adventures and memorable moments on the water. However, ensuring your boat is stored correctly takes center stage when the boating season ends. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a weekend adventurer, the importance of proper boat storage cannot be overstated. This is why boaters look to Prime Storage.

Storing Your Boat with Prime

Explore our flexibility and accessibility features when storing your boat with Prime Storage. Whether planning a spontaneous weekend getaway or enjoying a cruise on the water, Prime Storage offers extended access hours at many of our locations so that you can access your boat at your convenience. Not sure what type of storage you need? We have a variety of boat storage options, including indoor storage, outdoor parking, and covered parking for boats at select locations. Find a Prime Storage location near you to see your boat storage options!

Prep Your Boat for Storage

Need some tips to ensure your boat is properly winterized and ready to be stored? Prime Storage has you covered:

  • Give your boat a good deep clean and a thorough inspection.
  • Replenish fluids by topping off on fuel and oil to prevent moisture or air from setting inside the fuel tank.
  • Remove the battery and check for any corrosion, cable damage, or frayed wires that could cause problems when you start your boat for the next season.
  • Use a boat cover or slip to keep your boat looking its best! Covers are still recommended even if you choose to store your boat indoors.
Indoor Storage

If you’re looking for indoor boat storage, there are different options depending on the size of your boat. Our 10×10’ drive-up storage units and larger can store smaller recreational vehicles, including smaller boats. If you have a larger boat, select Prime Storage locations feature warehouse spaces that can hold larger vehicles!

Outdoor Parking

Our outdoor boat storage options are affordable and convenient for boat owners looking to free up their driveway or yard while still having the necessary access.

Covered Parking

Covered boat parking can be a great alternative if you’re unsure whether to store your boat indoors or outdoors. This is a popular option for boaters as it provides some coverage from the elements with a protective roof.


Rent Your Boat Storage Space Today

Prime Storage has locations across the United States and Canada, with many offering indoor, outdoor, and covered boat storage so you can keep your garage, driveway, or yard space free. Find a location near you to find the boat storage option that best fits your needs today!