Temperature-sensitive? No problem

Climate Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage units are kept within a consistent temperature range year-round. Have questions about climate controlled storage? We have answers.

What temperature are climate controlled units kept at?

At Prime Storage, we keep our climate controlled units generally between 55 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Though the temperature may vary within that range, these settings may help reduce the likelihood of damage to your items as a result of extreme temperature fluctuations.

What are the benefits of climate controlled storage?

Climate controlled storage has some benefits over standard storage. One benefit is that climate controlled storage units are more comfortable for you when accessing your items.

Second, climate controlled storage may help protect temperature-sensitive belongings from extreme temperature fluctuations. Many items can be kept in a storage unit for weeks or months without the risk of damage. However, some items might melt, warp, crack, splinter, or otherwise be damaged by extreme or rapid changes in temperature.

When do I need to use climate controlled storage?

If you are storing items that may be  temperature-sensitive you should consider putting them in a climate controlled storage unit. Common items include:

  • Musical instruments, like guitars, pianos, and violins
  • Furniture, including pieces that are made of primarily wooden or leather materials
  • Appliances and electronics
  • Artwork, antiques, and photographs

Who can benefit from climate controlled storage?

Anyone looking for an indoor storage unit may benefit from climate controlled storage. Climate controlled storage may be ideal for:

  • Businesses in need of extra space to store inventory, furniture, and more;
  • Homeowners in the middle of a remodel or looking to declutter a crowded attic or basement;
  • Theatre production teams  that want to store equipment, props, and costumes;
  • Students who need seasonal storage or extra room that they do not have in their dorm;
  • Military personnel who have been relocated cross-country or deployed for several years;
  • People experiencing life event who need a place to store their items.

Rent a climate controlled storage unit near you

Our climate controlled storage units can help protect your belongings. Contact a Prime Storage facility near you today to explore options and rent a storage unit.  Want to make your move-in as seamless as possible? Check out our article on storage tips.