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8 Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Value

Are you looking to sell your home or create the kitchen of your dreams? Check out these renovation ideas that will improve the value of your home!

When you visit someone’s home, what is the number one room you pay the most attention to? Chances are, you probably thought of the kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home and, therefore, one that brings the most value to your home. It’s not only a focal point but also a top selling point with a high return on investment. People look to this space for functionality and aesthetics, especially when in the market to buy. If you feel your kitchen is lacking or want to increase your equity, check out these key kitchen renovation ideas that can help improve your home’s value regardless of budget.

Give Your Walls a Makeover

A fresh coat of paint or a change of color can instantly change the mood of an entire room. If your kitchen walls are looking drab and faded, apply some paint and watch the magic happen. A clean shade of white makes the space feel bright, especially in a smaller room. But don’t be afraid to add a pop of color or an accent wall. Painting offers a rather simple kitchen upgrade, and HGTV offers the perfect inspiration to suit any style.

Reface and Refinish Your Cabinets

It’s not a proper kitchen unless you have storage. According to Better Homes and Gardens, “buyers tend to focus on storage and favor cabinets with good aesthetic appeal.” Though you can replace what you have, changing out cabinets entirely can be expensive—the most costly part of a kitchen renovation. So rather than spending thousands on new cabinetry, one budget-friendly upgrade you can apply to the kitchen includes refacing and refinishing your existing cabinets.

Adding a bright coat of paint or stain and new hardware to your cabinets can go a long way in bringing a new look to your kitchen. This, of course, depends on the condition of your cabinets. As long as they aren’t falling apart, you can sand or strip your wall and base cabinets and turn them into something that feels fresh and new for a lot less.

A renovated kitchen with marble countertops and backsplash, white cabinets, and moss green accents
Photo from @ferrisrafauli

Update the Countertops

Second only to ample storage space, a kitchen must also have plenty of working space. And it needs to look aesthetically pleasing. Thus, we look at the size and quality of the countertops. Tempting as it may be to navigate toward granite or quartz countertops, know they aren’t the only quality options out there. If you want or are able to dish out for this higher-end upgrade, go for it. But if you want possibilities that won’t break the bank, a nice laminate, granite, or stone slab can work wonders.

Make it Pop with a Backsplash

Compliment your remodeled countertops and cabinets with an eye-catching backsplash. This is one method to add color and design elements to your kitchen while also protecting your walls from food stains. It’s also one of the easiest and most affordable steps if you’re DIY-ing the process or the least costly for hired labor.

Like anything else, you’ll have your choice of more expensive and cheaper designs. And there are several materials to consider, from porcelain to ceramic, glass, stone, and more. There are also peel-and-stick options if you want a non-permanent option that’s quick to apply. Forbes provides a few pros and cons of each kitchen backsplash material. Since most tiles require some demo to remove, it’s best to do your research to determine which material will work best with your vision and preferences.

Invest in Upgraded Appliances

A shiny new kitchen isn’t complete without cohesive and well-functioning appliances. Unfortunately, outdated and unreliable major appliances on their last legs are a sore spot in any kitchen. Though stainless steel is in, it’s not the end of the world if this upgrade is out of the immediate budget.

Appliances are a long-lasting investment that can easily be swapped out over time and do not need to be upgraded all at once. If you’re upgrading to sell, it’s probably better to get it done. But if you plan to stick around, they can be changed more slowly. You might even be able to find a good deal if you aren’t in a hurry. Just make sure you measure accurately so any new appliances you get later down the road will fit in the same space the old ones occupied. A new appliance that’s too big may require extra unwanted work to rearrange the area and make it fit.

Modernize the Space with Light Fixtures

Another way to effortless and impactful kitchen remodel idea is to install snazzy new light fixtures. There are so many styles and affordable options—pick something that enhances the space and provides good lighting. One popular method is to install both ceiling light fixtures and recessed lighting under cabinets, depending on the size and layout of your kitchen. Mixing different types of lighting creates a functional and cohesive look while also creating focal points in the kitchen.

Photo from @aurorakitchens

Add an Island

If you have the square footage for one, an island is an excellent way to add value and versatility to your kitchen. This acts as a multi-functional space and can provide more counter and kitchen storage space when fitted with drawers and cupboards. A kitchen island can often make the room feel bigger, too, and some smaller styles can even be equipped with wheels and moved as needed.

If you want to invest a bit more, an island can also be fitted with plumbing and electrical for a sink, dishwasher, or outlets. If you lack a formal dining area, adding stools or high chairs to a kitchen island makes for a great breakfast nook or acts as informal seating if you have a dining room.

Fill a Corner with a Breakfast Nook

If you don’t have room for a fully functioning island, consider using an open corner for a breakfast nook instead. Here you can add a few chairs or a small, cozy bench with cushions and pillows that complement the design of your kitchen. Bonus points if there’s extra storage space under the bench. Insert a small table, and viola, you have a practical yet eye-catching eating, sitting, or working space. See yourself adding one of these to your kitchen remodel? Check out our blog post on implementing a breakfast nook in your home.

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