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  • person struggling to pack belongings into full car trunk
    Student Storage

    What To Actually Pack for College

    Tips and must-haves you should add to your college packing list and why these items are so essential to dorm life.

  • Student Storage

    10 Quick Dorm Organization Tips

    College is stressful enough without a cluttered living space. Use these organization tips to help make your dorm room feel like home!

  • a young woman is packing books into a cardboard moving box
    Student Storage

    Why Boston Students Trust Self Storage During Summer Break

    The end of the semester is finally here, and you’re prepped and ready to begin moving out of your campus dorm room or apartment. Maybe your plans involve a prestigious internship at a firm in New York, or perhaps you’re looking forward to a quiet summer by the pool in your hometown. Either way, clearing […]

  • a college student is surrounded by moving boxes while she tries to hang a picture on the wall
    Student Storage

    Dorm Room Decluttering: How to Ensure a Mess-Free Spring Semester

    Going home for that glorious winter break gives you a chance to take a broader look at your dorm situation to see if anything is worth changing. With fall semester in the books, college students on their way back to school may be interested in leaving some stuff at home that wasn’t as useful in […]

  • Shower and bed organizers
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    15 Dorm Organization Tips to Stay Clutter-Free

    No matter what university or college you attend, you may find yourself in a room that’s not quite big enough for all your belongings. As a student, it is an essential skill to learn how to make the most of your space. Let us count down our top 15 dorm organization tips that will help […]