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Why Boston Students Trust Self Storage During Summer Break

The end of the semester is finally here, and you’re prepped and ready to begin moving out of your campus dorm room or apartment. Maybe your plans involve a prestigious internship at a firm in New York, or perhaps you’re looking forward to a quiet summer by the pool in your hometown. Either way, clearing out your college living space can feel like a daunting task, especially if furniture or other heavy items are involved.

Instead of trying to wrangle all those items to take them home, consider renting a self storage unit near campus. At Prime Storage, we offer plenty of storage in Boston for students. Whether you’re looking for a short-term summer solution or something semi-permanent while you figure out what’s next, we can help. Let’s look at how Prime Storage helps students at nearby schools such as Harvard, Boston College, Boston University, or MIT with their storage needs, whenever your Life Demands Space®.

It’s an affordable way to stay organized over the summer.

Even if you really like the process of moving, you may not like doing it twice in the span of a few months. When you rent a nearby self storage unit to take care of your summer storage needs, you don’t have to worry about packing everything up, unpacking it, and repacking it later during the summer. Keeping your belongings close to campus also helps when it’s time to move back in.

Worried about the cost? Split it with a roommate or two! There’s a good chance they have something that needs to be stored too, and a shared storage unit can be a convenient way to store it.

Cut down on moving time. 

Speaking of moving home, think about the things you plan on taking home for the summer: How much do you think you’ll actually use them? This is especially important if you’re moving home and have furniture that you need to clear out of your dorm or apartment. Futons and end tables can be pretty bulky, and there’s really no way to fit them inside a subcompact car or even most crossovers. 

Instead of hauling these items home, storing them in a unit near campus will keep them close at hand. If you need to rent a truck to get it to and from the facility, you’ll also save money on rental costs and mileage.

Give yourself time to decide what’s next.

If there’s one thing about post-graduation life, it’s that you very rarely have a lot of time to get off campus after tossing that cap in the air. Many universities take the summer to deep clean their residence halls and other housing, and you’re probably ready to get off campus, anyway. Instead of worrying about what to do with all your belongings, rent a self storage unit while you plan your next moves. Already know where you’re headed? Rent self storage at your new destination. It’ll give you time to hunt for that perfect first place.

When Student Life Demands Space®, Choose Self Storage

Whether your plans involve summer relaxation or beginning your career, there’s no reason to rush to get your campus belongings to their final destination. When you need some space to breathe between semesters or before the next adventure, trust Prime Storage in Boston with your storage needs.

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