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Dorm Room Decluttering: How to Ensure a Mess-Free Spring Semester

Going home for that glorious winter break gives you a chance to take a broader look at your dorm situation to see if anything is worth changing. With fall semester in the books, college students on their way back to school may be interested in leaving some stuff at home that wasn’t as useful in the fall as they expected, or which takes up too much space (and we know they don’t give you much).

At Prime Storage, we want to provide you with a practical guide on how to streamline your dorm room. From the room organization to the cleanliness and beyond, our student storage tips will hopefully make your Spring semester a little less stressful than the Fall.

What You Can Remove to Clear Space

The first and biggest way to find yourself with some more space is also the simplest: get rid of some stuff. Whether it’s storing some belongings, selling them, or leaving them at home, there’s a few top priority items to consider.

Workout Equipment

Most colleges these days have a workout facility. While we recognize that not all workout spaces are equal, and you might have particular equipment you prefer to use, if you feel like your living space is a bit claustrophobic, these items might be at the top of your removal list. This is especially true for weights – they’re heavy, take up a lot of space, and there are generally easy replacements already available at the school.

If your school doesn’t have a gym or fitness area, you may be able to find a dedicated facility nearby, usually at a reasonable monthly cost, even for strapped university students.

Duplicate Items

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Sometimes you show up at your dorm, and you realize that you have two (or more) items that serve the same purpose. This is especially true if you have roommates and didn’t coordinate what you’d bring in advance. Even in a relatively large dorm room, there’s not usually a reason to keep two mini fridges. Discuss with your dorm mate(s) about what is staying before your break, and then send home or put in college storage whatever didn’t make the cut.

Make the Most of Vertical Space

Next in our lineup of student storage tips is a quick reminder that your walls have more potential than you think. Bookshelves, for example, don’t need to only hold books, and can be tactfully made to carry little things that might be in the way. 

In this same vein of thought, don’t forget about the space you have under your belongings, as well. Couches, loveseats, and beds often have space beneath for storing boxes, instrument cases, books, etc.

It may all take some creative ingenuity, but the right organization can take your dorm a long way to feeling like home.

Prime Storage for Spring Living

Spring brings with it warmer weather, fresher air, and new opportunities. Prime Storage Group wants to help those opportunities be smoother and more care-free than ever before with our premium college storage options for any students that want to free up their dorm space this spring.

We’re committed to no muss, no fuss service, and understand that college student’s needs change constantly, which is why we don’t require long-term commitments. Rent a storage unit near you today!

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