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15 Dorm Organization Tips to Stay Clutter-Free

No matter what university or college you attend, you may find yourself in a room that’s not quite big enough for all your belongings. As a student, it is an essential skill to learn how to make the most of your space. Let us count down our top 15 dorm organization tips that will help you declutter your small space.

1. Declutter Your Desk with a Hutch

You will be spending a lot of time at your desk doing different assignments and projects. You’ll be too busy to think about dorm organization! For many dormers, that desk also couples as a kitchen table for late-night study sessions or quick microwave meals on busy days.  You probably will want as much surface area as possible so you can comfortably do those activities. Getting the extra shelf for your desk will free up a lot of surface area. You don’t realize how quickly your desk gets clutter with paper, textbooks, and dishes!

2. Use a Magentic Board for Pens & Makeup Brushes

Pens, pencils, and your makeup brushes may be small and thin, however, do not underestimate their ability to take up valuable surface area space. You never realize how organizational cups consume surface space for pens or makeup brushes. Make or buy a DIY magnet board and hang it over the area where you use the items the most. A classic magnet board and glue are an affordable and easy-to-assemble dorm organization hack.

3.  Add Stacking Bins for Max Storage

Stacking bins or even something as simple as milk crates can help tremendously. If you can move your storage in a vertical pattern, you are more likely to optimize your space. Getting bins or plastic milk crates is a more affordable option if you are not ready to commit to shelving furniture during your college years. Plus, with containers and crates, you can easily take apart the structure and make different shapes. Additionally, you can pack away your belongings when you are moving to and from school.

4. Take Advantage of Vertical Storage

If you have a closet or any long doors, make sure you utilize them to your fullest potential. If you plan on putting drawers or shelving in your closet, try to get freestanding shelving. You can push them flush against the wall. This will help you maximize the space.

5.  Max Dorm Organization with Under Bed Storage

“Under the bed” storage will be one of the best areas for storing your belongings in your dorm room. Many superstores make affordable under-bed drawer bins that can fit next to the standard dresser that your school typically provides. They often come in many sizes, making it easy to find what you need. Suppose your bed sits too low to fit any dressers. Consider adjusting the bed frame or buying bed risers. Bed risers give you a few more inches of clearance. Those extra inches will go a long way when it comes to storage!

6. Roll Clothing to Save Dresser Space

Not only does rolling clothes make it easier and quicker to fold, but it also saves you a significant amount of space. You can easily see all your clothes options, colors and don’t have to worry about ruining your clothing piles when retrieving clothing to wear the day.

7. Purchase a Shower Caddy

You may think of caddies as something to use during camp, but caddies are a great thing to have to keep loose bottles in one place. They are also super helpful for storing any cleaning supplies and household items that you know you’ll have to carry around from one section of the room to the other.

8. Label Shared Items

Naturally, there might be a few things you will share with your roommate/roommates as a group and will need to decide where you want to store those shared items. Having one area will help you and your roommates stay organized. You will also be able to layout your room better when you have these established areas.

9. Organize Cords with Binder Clips

Binder clips are very affordable and super useful for any cords! You can clip them to the sides of your desk or bed. By stringing your cords through the metal ends, you can nicely condense your different devices.  They will stay secure, and you won’t have to worry as much about getting everything tangled.

10. Save Space with a Clip Lamp

Most people tend to buy and use lamps that sit on top of the desk or dresser. They make lamps that have a clip as a base. Buying the clip light is not only a space saver, but you can place the lamp in a variety of areas in your room.

11. Purchase Command Strips & Hooks

You will not be sorry if you have a few command hooks and strips in your room. They are one of those items that come in handy sporadically throughout the semester. 

12.  Add an Over-the-Fridge Rack for Kitchen Essentials

Get freestanding wired shelving to put over your mini-fridge. This is going to be a great place for you and your roommate to store your cups, bowls, plates, and mugs.  You can put all your shared kitchen belongings neatly in the “kitchen area”!

13. Create Adjustable Drawer Dividers

You can either purchase drawer dividers or make them using cardboard (if you’re looking to stay within your college budget!). This will help you sort clothing or other items in compartments—another simple yet effective dorm organization hack.

14. Hang Up a Shoe Rack

There a few options for this, you can get the vertical cubby style hanger that fits in your closet, or you can get a behind-the-door rack. The closet option may be more aesthetically pleasing to the room since it would be hidden, but depending on the size of your closet, that may not work for you. Behind the door hanging shoe racks are classic. They tend to be bigger, so you can store many different shoe sizes. A rack behind the door might be a nice item to share with a dormmate if you feel you can both benefit from it!

15. Rent a Storage Unit

If you’re a student traveling from afar and don’t have the luxury to easily switch out your warm and cold wardrobe at your parents’, consider self storage for students. Prime Storage offers climate controlled units that are great for storing extra clothing, dorm accessories, and personal belongings in between semesters. Dorm organization is made even easier when you choose to use self storage!

As a college student, you need to be creative and flexible with your environment. There are many different options, and you’ll be surprised how much space you can create by trying a few of these dorm room hacks!

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