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What is Cottagecore, and How Can You Adopt This Décor Style?

Whether you’ve heard of cottagecore before or not, it’s getting popular for good reason. Here’s how you can incorporate it into your style.

Among fashion and interior design trends, the one that stands out most recently is the cottagecore movement. ‘Cottagecore’ is the whimsical romanticization of a pre-industrial past, focusing on a pastoral, countryside decor sensibility. It’s a style that endears itself to simplicity and self-sufficiency, largely in answer to the breakneck demands of modern urbanization and globalization. However, it’s less about evading technology, and more about cultivating a less hostile and less bleak environment than many people feel surrounds them in our modern cultures.

Though these ruralist flights of fancy are not an original idea (and make no mistake, the people who subscribe to cottagecore have no delusions about their escapism; it’s quite intentional), there’s no arguing that its popularity is at an all-time high.

Which is why if you’re interested in cottagecore, Prime Storage wants to help you on your way with some tips for how to adopt the home decor style you want, as well as the storage and organization you need to make it happen.

Simplicity Abounds

While it’s true that cottagecore is a departure from conventional style choices and adheres towards a simpler form of living, it’s important to set this apart from minimalism.

Where minimalism praises a sheer lack of things, cottagecore finds its simplicity in the nature of how basic the many belongings are. Minimalism, for example, might have someone dispense with their work desk entirely, while cottagecore keeps the work desk, it just wouldn’t be a smart desk that can electronically change from sitting to standing or don similar features.

The purpose is to uncomplicate one’s lifestyle. If that means fewer belongings, that’s great, but for others it just means those belongings have fewer shiny attachments.

Garden-Centric Living

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Perhaps the most prominent feature of the cottagecore lifestyle, and the thing that most obviously leans into the desired sense of self-sufficiency, is the heavy emphasis on growing one’s own garden. It’s worth noting, however, that this aspect of cottagecore can be exclusively for home decor purposes as well. A staple appearance of many cottages is the climbing and/or wrapping vines, which can be found scaling the side of a home or around a doorway.

If you are predisposed to a green thumb, of course you can make the most of the garden in a practical sense, as well, either by decorating a walking path with your preferred type of flora, or by nurturing edible plants in a dedicated gardening area, such as your backyard.

Lean into Farmhouse Decor

Decor from another era often finds itself in cottagecore-inspired abodes. Farmhouse furniture is still very much made for new homes; it’s just a matter of locating the pieces that bring together your household. A mainstay of cottagecore design in the farmhouse dresser, often painted white (and sometimes with flowers), which can hold vintage china.

Also, what would a cottage home be without a good rocking chair? A good rocking chair is a mainstay of cottagecore.

Checkers, Stripes, and Florals Galore

When you imagine a prairie home and all the patterns that accompany it, your brain doesn’t conjure any recent trends, does it? There’s not an overabundance of glass, open space, metals, and monotone shades of neutral colors accommodated by one or two prominent colors that dominate the room.

No, in traditional cottages—and most cottagecore design philosophies—the styling was dominated by checker-patterned bedsheets, floral window curtains, and striped tablecloths. Through implementing these patterns with a soft, pastel (or pastel-adjacent) color palette, you will be leaps and strides closer to the cottagecore motif.

Traditional Range Cooking

To really sell your cottage appeal, you may need to install a classic, enameled range cooker. Historically, these are the burning heart of the British cottage, functioning not only as a means to prepare food, but also to warm the house on cold days. Especially endearing (and often, necessary) when placed against an all-brick wall for additional radiance.

Bathroom Cottagecore Tips

Do away with the stresses of your day with a long, rehabilitating soak in the bathtub. Cottagecore sensibilities suggest that the old-fashioned clawfoot tub is the most accurate design choice here, though there is a caveat. While the truly authentic clawfoot tub was wrought from enameled cast-iron, there are modern alternatives that are both lighter in weight, as well as more affordable, if you’re trying to stick to a budget.

Hint: outfitting your bathtub in a floral-pattern regalia can really sell its sense of place and purpose in your broader cottagecore mystique.

Start Your Cottagecore Journey with Extra Storage

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Home decor nowadays is more accepting of cottagecore principles than ever before. Whether you’re entranced by the easy-going appeal of the style, or drawn to it on an aesthetic level, Prime Storage wants to help you realize your pastorally inspired dreams.

Featuring a wide variety of size options, covered parking availability, and storage locations in multiple states across the U.S., Prime Storage is proud to serve you all your home, military, and business storage needs. If you have any other inquiries, visit our Frequently Asked Questions, or find a storage unit near you. We’d love to talk with you about what we can do to start you down your new cottagecore lifestyle!

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