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How Storage Can Help You Stage Your Home For Sale

Trying to sell your home? Home staging is one way to help buyers envision their life in your space. Learn how storage can help make it easier!

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It’s difficult enough to clean and rearrange a single room to satisfaction when it’s dressed to the nines with furniture and appliances, let alone an entire home. Unfortunately, aspiring home-sellers often run up against this exact problem when preparing their residence for open house home staging. You might love your things, but for that window of time, they could get in the way of optimizing your selling prospects, so it’s in your best interest to use outside storage as a solution.

How Staging Helps Sell Your Home

When there’s too much clutter, you can feel stymied in your ability to organize and prepare your home for a show. By putting that clutter in storage, you perform a bit of a reset and create as blank a slate as possible for your buyers. That includes taking down family photos, packing up books, movies, and clothes, and rearranging furniture to create the appearance of a better room.

Remove family photos from walls.

The key rule to remember is that artwork is okay, but too many family photos can keep potential buyers from seeing themselves in your home. By eliminating many of these personalized touches, you can help them envision their future in your space. When considering artwork for your staged-to-sell home, the following pieces are always acceptable:

  • Abstract art
  • Nature
  • Landscapes
  • Geometric shapes

Eliminate cluttered shelves, counters, and closets.

By packing away books, movies, kitchen appliances, and clothing you won’t use anytime soon, you’re not just helping prepare for your move. You’re also making these spaces appear larger than they actually may be. A key rule of thumb is that if it hasn’t been used in a month and won’t be used in two or three weeks, go ahead and pack it away.

Rearrange (or remove) furniture in key living areas.

Sometimes home staging involves rearranging furniture in ways that you may not have imagined. By strategically moving furniture around the room—even in ways that you may not be used to using it—you can create the illusion of a bigger space. In some cases, you may want to even remove a table or chair from a room. When that happens, you’ll need somewhere to put it. We have an idea about that…

Use self storage to help make staging easier.

If you’re currently home staging for a big sale, don’t rush the process by cramming things into your car or shed. By using a self storage unit to help contain your belongings before and during your move or home-selling journey, you’ll stay organized and keep bulky items and boxes from ruining your realtor’s photographs.

At Prime Storage, we offer a variety of self storage units at over 200 facilities across the country. Whether you’re shopping for a smaller unit for your condo’s contents or a bigger unit that will fit your whole home, we have space to fit your needs. Visit one of our locations today for more information, or check out our other moving and storage tips.

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