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Spring Cleaning Challenge – Guest Blogger Series

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be an all day affair. Taking on tasks one by one can make a big difference. Check out this fun little printable and dedicate a little time each day to clean your home!

In partnership with Ally Meyers of The Scoop Saratoga

Oh, that first sign of spring! You open the front door to hear the birds chirping and your heart skips a beat. AND if you’re anything like me, you’ve just hit your limit. Your limit of winter in upstate New York, that is. DONE with the thirty-something weather, and ready to throw those windows open and begin a little spring cleaning.

Now in an effort to openly and honestly portray my home life, I’m far from any Martha Stewart. And with four young boys, my house is usually a disaster. But I’ll be honest yet again: I love the cathartic nature of a solid scrub session. Having an excuse to turn off the screens, zone out and clean my worries away. I get some of my best thinking done in these moments of solitude. Something that I don’t have much of anymore. And at the same time, something that I have to be very intentional to schedule INTO my life. In whatever form I can.

Some of the “spring cleaning” checklists that arrive in my feed are, well… a bit too much for my limited time and attention. Like a bedroom closet? That’s an all-day affair in this home. So I’ve compiled the small jobs that make a big difference in THIS house. Those things that poke at me throughout the year, yet I never take the time to address. And I even put it into a fun little printable so that you can work alongside me, dedicating a little time each day to your own excuse for solitude.

Note that this is NOT a calendar. If it’s a weekday and you don’t have much time? Then choose a smaller task. Weekend and you have a few hours? Choose a more involved project. And since it’s that darn perfection that usually stands in the way of us starting most things, I encourage it to be used with my motto… PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION.

Written by our blog partner, Ally Meyers of The Scoop Saratoga

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