outside seating area, patio furniture with cushions
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Four Tips for Prepping Patio Furniture for Storage

Discover how to prep your patio furniture for storage with tips from Prime Storage. Need space for your furniture? Rent from Prime Storage today.

outside seating area, patio furniture with cushions

Whether you use a complete outdoor furniture set or a humble folding table and chair, your patio furniture allows you to comfortably enjoy the fresh air and sunlight just outside your backdoor. However, winter weather, moving, and other situations in your life may require you to store your patio furniture.

Not sure how to go about storing your patio furniture at your nearest Prime Storage facility, or simply need a refresher? We’ve got you covered. From shielding cushions from mildew to preventing plastic chairs from warping, discover our four storage tips for patio furniture below. 

1. Clean and prep your patio furniture.

Your patio furniture’s condition prior to storage matters. If you pack away damp outdoor rugs or metal chairs with light layers of rust on them, you may be creating an unpleasant surprise for your future self.

person spraying patio furniture with a power washer

Before you store patio furniture pieces, give them the extra TLC they deserve. Scrub, rinse, and completely air dry cushions, seat covers, and any other fabric items to help them stay fresh and mold-free. Warm water and a heavy-duty detergent will get the job done.

For metal furniture that has rust stains or active rust, you can use several cleaning methods to prevent further issues. 

Storing wooden patio furniture? Prevent moisture from seeping into it by sealing it with a waterproof spray or liquid stain. In addition to protecting the furniture’s quality, a seal/stain combo will keep your patio pieces looking brand-new.

2. Vacuum seal patio cushions.

Maximize your storage space by vacuum-sealing patio seat cushions, throw pillows, and other bulky fabric items. In addition to creating more room for chairs or tables, vacuum-sealing your patio cushions helps shield them from pests, moisture, and dirt. Before you seal them, make sure your patio cushions and other fabric items are completely clean and mildew-free. 

Don’t have a vacuum sealer on hand? You can also roll up and tie bulky cushions or pillows to free up room for larger furniture pieces. If you have an outdoor ottoman with a storage compartment, save space by putting small throw pillows or blankets inside it.

3. Use padding for added furniture protection.

Without the proper protection, moving or storage can do a number on your patio furniture. From dings and dents in metal and wooden furniture to chips or cracks in plastic pieces, you can help prevent a number of issues for your patio furniture by using the right padding. Wrap table or chair legs in bubble wrap, and cover your furniture with thick moving blankets. 

Moving a table with a glass top? Your best bet is to remove the glass top and wrap it in several protective layers. Start by wrapping it in packing paper, then at least two layers of bubble wrap. Finally, drape it in thick moving blankets and store it on its side in your vehicle. 

Remember: Laying a glass top flat in a vehicle creates the risk of cracks from bumps in the road, or something else falling on top of it. We suggest storing a glass top on its side while storing. If possible, you should also disassemble the frame. Remember to keep the parts together, and label screws in a plastic bag.

Crunched for time and can’t stop by the store for moving supplies? You can also consider using old towels, blankets, or comforters as makeshift moving padding. If your blankets or towels are relatively thin, fold them multiple times or layer them to ensure they truly act as buffers. 

4. Choose the Right Kind of Storage

The storage environment you choose for your patio furniture is one of the most important decisions in the moving or storage process. Patio furniture may be designed to be outside most of the time, but extreme temperatures in an attic, shed, or garage can crack glass, warp wood, or melt plastic. 

Leaving furniture outside all year, could lead to rodents and other nibbling pests creating a home for themselves in the furniture cushions. Additionally, areas with poor air flow, such as a basement, can leave your fabric items smelling musty. 

Before pests or the weather ruin your patio furniture, choose a space with a stable temperature: climate controlled storage. 

Unlike a standard storage unit or the common storage areas in your home, a climate controlled storage unit maintains a moderate temperature for your patio furniture. Shield your belongings from the extreme heat or cold and discover climate controlled storage near you.

Choose Patio Furniture Storage at Prime Storage

No matter if you’re preparing for a military deployment or a family move, give your patio furniture a storage environment that will give you peace of mind. At Prime Storage, we offer a wide selection of climate controlled storage solutions to help you maintain your belongings until you need them again.

For seasonal or long-term patio furniture storage, look no further than Prime Storage. Explore our unit size guide and space calculator to find the right unit, or rent online today!

You’ll enjoy the convenience of flexible month-to-month leases, free auto payment and online bill pay, and more when you choose Prime Storage. Visit your nearest facility and discover how we can help when Life Demands Space®!

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