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How to Prepare Your Grill for Storage

Person grilling meats

How to Prepare Your Grill for Storage

Saying farewell to summer can be hard. It’s difficult to say goodbye to great weather, vacation from school, and the opportunity to grill (almost) every day. When you are packing away your grill, you want to make sure that it is prepared for storage. Taking the extra steps to store your grill will help ensure that it continues to char those meats for summers to come. Check out our top grill storage tips before your pack yours away.

Prep the Grill Interior

The first step of grill storage prep is to start the grill to burn off any food remnants or remaining grease. In a safe, flat outdoor area, set your grill to a high temperature and keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Afterward, let it cool down to a warm temperature and then safely clean the inside. Home Depot recommends using a grill stone since they are non-toxic and contain chemical-free soap that will not harm the grill itself. The grill stone will allow you to scrape off any “gunk” that’s built up. Wipe it out afterward with a damp rag.

Once the grill has cooled completely, you can wash the grates and interior using soap and water. For grill masters who use charcoal, empty the ashtray and then wash it out. For gas and electric grills, clean out the flavorizer bars and burners and scrape the interior using a putty knife. When the interior has been cleaned, use high-heat oil to coat the grates. This oil will help to prevent rust. If you’re unsure how to clean your specific make and model of the grill, check with your manufacturer for recommendations.

Cleaning the Exterior

Since grills are primarily kept outdoors, they’re prone to getting dirty. You can clean the outside of your grill by using a simple solution of mild dishwashing soap and water. Wipe the exterior with a rag dipped in this soap solution and then “rinse” it off using a towel soaked in clean water. Make sure to dry with a cloth afterward.

Storing the Propane Tank

Propane tanks must be stored outdoors – never indoors – and cannot be stored in a self storage unit. You should also never store a propane tank in your home or in any building that’s attached to your home (such as the garage). It is best to keep propane tanks away from buildings, too. Any propane tanks you store should be empty. So, use all of the propane before putting it away for the season. Learn more about proper propane tank storage from Amerigas.

Covering Your Grill

Your grill is now sparkling clean, so maintain that until next season by choosing the right grill cover. Whether you’re storing your grill indoors or outdoors, opt for a heavy-duty, weatherproof cover that is the appropriate size for your grill. It is also recommended to keep the grill indoors, such as in a storage unit, garage, or shed. Storing it outdoors, even if covered, heightens the chance of exposure to the elements, which can result in rust or other damage. If you do not have room indoors, store your grill under an overhang so that it isn’t directly exposed to heavy snow or rain.

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Grill Cleaning Tips

Even when you’re in the midst of grilling season, it’s important to clean the grill routinely.

  • Before cleaning the grill, make sure the grill has cooled. If you have a gas grill, make sure the gas knob is turned off. Safety should be at the top of your mind both while grilling and afterward.
  • Thoroughly clean the grill grates. It is important to identify the grill grates you have before cleaning since different grates require different cleaning methods. Taste of Home outlines proper cleaning methods (and the right tools) for getting this job done, whether you have porcelain, cast-iron, or stainless steel grates.
  • If you’re cleaning a charcoal grill, you should clean the charcoal ash at the bottom after every use. After the grill has cooled off, carefully remove the charcoal bricks and brush out any ash. Then proceed to clean the grill grates and inside of the grilling bowl and lid.
  • If you’re cleaning a gas grill, you will not need to perform maintenance as frequently as with charcoal; however, clean the grates and inside of the grilling lid.

Do you have a flat top or pellet grill? Looking for a how-to on cleaning grill grates? Check out this handy guide (with videos) on how to clean specific grills. As the weather begins to cool off and the days get longer, we all know it is time to store away our summer essentials. Our summer equipment needs to be put away, whether it’s a grill, patio furniture, kayak, or pool toys. If you’re looking for an extension of your shed, garage, or basement, consider a storage unit at Prime Storage. We have convenient drive-up units that are a great fit for these seasonal items. Find a Prime location near you and begin your rental journey online today:

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