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Organize Your Space to Improve Your State of Being

Living and working in an organized environment can help improve your mental health. Decluttering and organizing can be a good starting point!

Attention readers! For some, the month of May means flowers are starting to bloom, the weather is warming up, and we’re in the season of spring. For others, spring signals that it’s time for a refresh.

As with most months, May has a special significance that comes with national recognition. Since 1949, May has been designated as Mental Health Awareness Month.  Mental Health Awareness Month was established by the National Committee for Mental Hygiene (now known as Mental Health America), to shed light on mental healthcare issues and treatments for stress concerns.

Living and working in an organized environment is said to help improve your mental health. Your environment can affect your mood and vice versa. There are many obstacles to a clean and organized lifestyle including location, cost, and attitude.

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When organizing, start by getting some of the not-so-fun stuff out of the way. You can reference the following list for the ‘not-so-fun’ stuff.

  1. Take care of bills and taxes
  2. Do you have a system in place to organize or pay your bills? Get one!
  3. Make sure you have a place to store receipts
  4. Did these bills fall within your weekly/monthly budget?

May is #MentalHealthAwareness month and there’s really nothing better than being aware, is there? While there are many ways to improve your state of being, organizing your space is one way to start.

Remember to evaluate your space, whether it is your workspace, living space, or any other two-dimensional space. Look for anything that makes you feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, scattered, unorganized or cluttered. Ask yourself an important question: what do you need to make it easier for you to use your space correctly? This could be anything from a desk lamp that’s in arm’s reach, to a closet that is set up so that everything you need is easily accessible. Think about how your space impacts how you feel, and streamline it so that it works better for you.

Once you are able to pinpoint these feelings in your environment, clear those stressors away! Delete everything from old files on your desktop to old clothes in your closet. Distinguish your items between needs and wants.

You need only the essentials that foster a healthy and happy lifestyle. Needs are what you require to live a happy, fulfilled life. Wants are items that you desire but don’t necessarily require. Sometimes not always, wants can be frivolous. Try not to confuse the two.

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Let’s take a positive outlook on this topic: by cleaning out and organizing your home, you’ll create an environment that is inevitably going to be more stress-free. It will allow you to save time and keep yourself more organized. Finally, the mere act of decluttering can help improve your state of mind—and give you a new perspective on life.

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