A tidy sink vanity in a small bathroom
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Tips & Tricks for Organizing Under Your Bathroom Sink

Struggling with clutter under the bathroom sink? Reorganize and feel refreshed with these tips and tricks to maximize your sink vanity space.

A tidy sink vanity in a small bathroom
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The bathroom, a.k.a. clutter central, is where disorganization thrives. Specifically, under the bathroom sink (or bathroom cabinet if you have a pedestal sink). Somehow, some way, all kinds of things find their way there and are easily shoved out of sight and out of mind. It is a small space with many functions, after all. That is, until you need to grab something under the sink, and everything comes toppling out.

An arduous task we all like to put off, but bathroom sink organization is well worth the time and effort. And we’ve got some organization tips to help make the process easier, and don’t require constant upkeep. So, save yourself time and energy in the long run while also keeping your space neat.

1. Make A Plan Based on Your Bathroom Layout

Before you go out and buy all kinds of storage containers and supplies for your bathroom organization ideas, take a step back and measure how much space you’re working with. Also, what main functions does your bathroom hold? For example, do you just need to store shower stuff and toiletries? Do you have a lot of cosmetics? Does your bathroom double as a laundry room? All of this information will help determine how you can most efficiently organize your bathroom sink space.

Ideally, you want to keep very little out on the sink or vanity; your toothbrush and soap will generally suffice. Leaving out one or two other daily items is fine, but any more and you risk cluttering the space. You’ll also want to look at your belongings and determine if anything might suit a better purpose elsewhere. For example, towels can take up a lot of room and are often best stored in a linen closet if you have one.

2. Toss Out Expired Product

It’s counterproductive to spend time organizing something you’ll just end up tossing. So, prior to starting your bathroom organization, go through your stuff and clear out anything that has long expired or that you know you’ll never use. That old makeup from five-plus years ago? Garbage; you clearly did not use it regularly. That unopened hair care gift for a hair type that definitely isn’t yours? Regift or donate it. There’s no reason to hang onto these things you won’t use, especially when they only add to the clutter. You also want to ensure you don’t have an excess of the same product. Cleaning through everything in advance means fewer items and less time spent reorganizing and trying to find room for everything later.

A wire rack being used for storage on a bathroom cabinet door
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3. Utilize Cabinet Doors

Believe it or not, cabinet doors also function as under-the-sink storage space, and not many people think to use them. This trick especially comes in handy if you have a tiny bathroom. You can easily attach a storage rack or some sort of container to the back of the door(s) for holding loose items. These small metal racks are just the thing, and you can stack several of them depending on the height of your vanity cabinet. Some items they can hold include bottles of hair care or skincare products, extra toothbrushes, your makeup bag, and boxes of sanitary products.

Another idea is using PVC pipes (or something similar) to hold items with cords that are often easily tangled or difficult to store. PVC pipes come in different sizes, so some measuring is involved. But when installed on the back of your cabinet door, they allow you to store your hair straightener, curling iron, and more out of the way. You’ll want one pipe cut to fit the tool itself and another smaller piece to hold the cord. If you want an alternative DIY storage idea, try using a file folder or pocket organizer.

4. Separate Items Using Storage Bins

The easiest way to organize anything is to separate items by type or function into different storage bins. And luckily, there are sizes and shapes galore to fit pretty much any space you have, whether you use them under the sink or as drawer organizers. Storage baskets and bins can usually be found in most department stores or online, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. You’ll want different bins for sorting cosmetics, hair care, and such, as well as containers for each person if you’re sharing a bathroom.

If you don’t want to spend money, you can also reuse an old container or make your own. A small cardboard box works wonders in a pinch as long as you don’t get it soggy. And if you are worried about moisture or spills, reusing a plastic container, like what baby wipes are packaged in, works great.

Clear stackable bins filled with product under a bathroom sink
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5. Don’t Ignore Vertical Space

Not taking advantage of the vertical space in your cabinet just as much as the horizontal space is a total waste. Often bathroom cabinet space is limited due to plumbing from the sink. Counteract this by adding a multi-tier organizer that fits between your sink pipes. Stack storage bins on each shelf and easily slide them out as needed. There are also stackable storage bins that don’t require the extra component, so pick whichever will work best for your space.

Keep in mind, if you do stack anything, that you want to store any heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top. It’s also a good idea to keep your most-used things toward the front, so you aren’t constantly reaching around for them.

6. Take Advantage of Self Storage

Whether you have a big or small bathroom, it is a high-traffic area that can quickly get out of hand or go neglected. As you start to organize, make a note of any items you’d like to hang onto but simply will not fit in the space you have. Maybe you have a collection of different towel sets for every month. Perhaps you buy your shampoo and conditioner in bulk and don’t have space for the extra bottles. Or maybe you’re really into cosmetics and can’t help buying all the new palettes. That’s where your local Prime Storage comes in.

Whatever the reason, store your excess toiletries out of the way in a self storage unit. We have convenient storage facilities across the country with space for just about any need. Plus, many of our locations offer features like climate controlled units, so you can keep your toiletries out of the heat or cold and store them with peace of mind. To get started, find a storage facility near you and rent or reserve your unit online today!

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