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Ideas on What to Do with Outgrown Baby Gear

Kids need a lot of stuff—stuff that quickly piles up as they outgrow it. Make room at home with these ideas on what to do with old baby gear.

Kids grow so fast; it feels like one minute they’re in newborn clothes and 2T the next. And just like that, you have a pile of clothes that don’t fit—some possibly never even worn. As with clothing, toys, books, and other baby equipment are quickly outgrown, too. So, if you’re left with a mountain of outgrown baby gear, fear not. We have several tips on what you can do when your baby outgrows their things.

Toss or Recycle Unsalvageable Items

First things first, go through all your baby supplies to see if anything is broken, outdated, badly stained, or just plain gunky. This includes stuffed animals, bottles, bibs, baby mattresses, cribs, etc. Not everything should be held onto for the sake of sentimentality, and chances are you’ll have at least a few items that should be tossed or recycled. (Just make sure you don’t accidentally throw away your child’s favorite stuffy, no matter how torn or dirty it is.) Plus, it’ll make going through everything else much easier if the unsalvageable items are out of the way.

Check recycling guidelines near you to see what can be saved from the landfill, or use a program like the Terracycle Zero Waste Box for baby gear. By getting rid of old things that no longer work or fit, you’re making way for the new. Cleared out a crib? Now you have space for a toddler or twin bed. The same can be said about toys. Swap out the teething rings and sensory books for puzzles and coloring books instead.

Donate or Regift Gently Used Things

Maybe you’re a one-and-done kind of parent, or maybe you already had several kids, and you’re all set. However, being left with a ton of baby gear you no longer have a use for can be overwhelming (and crowded). You probably remember the scramble to get the laundry list of baby essentials. So, one of the best things you can do is give belongings in good condition to another parent in need. You’d fill two needs with one deed by cleaning out your home and helping another family.

One option is donating to a local church or organization, like Goodwill, or even through a community website. Just make sure to check any donation guidelines beforehand, so you don’t make a wasted trip. You can also pass needed or sentimental items down to friends or family. For example, an outgrown car seat (that isn’t expired), baby clothes, or unused diapers would come in handy for a friend or relative who is expecting their first child.

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Make a Profit by Selling

Another option is to make a little money back by selling your gently used belongings. Things like strollers, bouncers, and closed-system breast pumps can be pricey, especially given how much equipment a newborn needs. Some new moms may choose to buy secondhand rather than pay full price, depending on the item.

You can either host your own yard sale or sell to a consignment store. You may not make as much as you would if you sold everything yourself, but they’d be taking all the work off your hands. If you don’t have any consignment shops nearby, you can also use websites like Poshmark or ThredUp to sell online. Then, use your cash outs or store credit to buy other clothing and supplies your kid(s) needs. Tip: before putting out any offers, ensure that no items or gear you plan on selling have been recalled and that they’re still up to standard.

Repurpose Sentimental Items into Something New

Not everything necessarily needs to go during your baby gear cleanout. Old outfits and other cloth items you love can be repurposed as a cleaning rag or memento. Shirts, onesies, pieces of old blankets, and more can be turned into a keepsake quilt. If you don’t have the sewing skills to quilt yourself, ask a friend or commission a sewist or company like Campus Quilt.

Other items, like blankets, towels, and stuffed animals that can’t be donated or sold, can also be given a second life. With a fur baby, that is. While most organizations won’t accept used stuffed animals because of germs, that’s no concern when it comes to pets. Save stained blankets and towels from the landfill by repurposing them into a bed for your four-legged friend. You can use stuffed animals as the filling or a new toy if there aren’t any hazardous parts. You can also often donate these items to a local animal shelter to repurpose them as needed.

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Set Aside for Baby #2

If you plan on having another kid, you’re better off setting aside as much as possible. Why buy all new when you have a lot of the supplies you need on hand? Of course, perishable items like formula or baby food have to go. But toys, clothes, and other gear up to code are worth keeping around.

If you end up not having more kids, you can always go through everything at a later date to determine what to get rid of or what to keep for future nieces, nephews, or grandkids.

Put Everything in Storage

Whether you’re hanging onto outgrown baby gear for yourself, a relative, or a friend, don’t let it take up essential space in your home. Instead, consider putting all your unused baby supplies in storage. Prime Storage can help you make room in your home while still hanging onto keepsakes or necessities.

We offer affordable storage units of all kinds and sizes at each of our facilities to meet any budget. So, what’s the hold-up? Find the perfect unit size for your home and baby storage needs at a location near you!


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