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Five Tips for Organizing Your Linen Closet

When was the last time you organized your linen closet? The time to do so is now! Check out our tips to get organized.

Has your linen closet turned into a disaster area? We’ve all been there and we have some ideas on how to help.

It’s time to move around a few things in your schedule to make time for some linen closet organization. Sometimes the smallest spaces can cause the biggest headaches! Take your linen closet for example. When was the last time you really organized this space? If you think to yourself “not since move-in day…” then these tips may be helpful to you.

There’s no need for professional organizers if you have two functioning hands and some free time on your calendar! Home organization doesn’t have to be so scary with the right tools.

How much time has passed and what has accumulated in the days, months, years since you started storing miscellaneous items in here? If you’re afraid that your guests will stumble upon this war zone, then keep reading.

Before you get started, take a look at each of the shelves and decide how much work needs to be done overall. Is this a shelf-by-shelf project, or is it better to cut your losses, clear everything out, and start from scratch? The linen closet feels like it’s one of the hardest places to keep neat and organized. This can be a problem when you want to find towels, clean sheets, or even a blanket.

If you’re clearing everything out and starting from scratch, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to clean and dust your shelves while they are bare. Depending on how your shelving units are installed, you could monetize your time by checking to make sure each shelf is sturdy and in place for the long haul – or, at least until you clean out your linen closet next year (*think spring cleaning*).

Many homeowners don’t even realize they are lacking organizers until they try to make space in their linen closet. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to organize your linen closet without spending a fortune on new shelving or repainting.

If this closet is an extension of your bedroom closet, maybe it’s time to consider donating some of those old jeans and sweaters you never wear. On the plus side, tackling this project is a much smaller to-do than a laundry room revamp.

Put Similar Items Together

Rather than having a hodgepodge of items thrown askew on each shelf, mentally assign (or literally sign and label) where each item goes. Keep towels and washcloths together and place linens elsewhere.

If you’re also storing cleaning supplies and extra toiletries in here, assign a different shelf for those items. If you’d like to organize even further, you can color-code your items.

You can keep your cleaning supplies and toiletries separate by allocating each into individual plastic bins. Hopefully, you’re reading your labels but maybe this will help you avoid putting toilet bowl cleaner in your hair (who knows – we don’t know how sleepy you are in the morning …)

Think: Large on bottom, small on top

Any smaller knick-knacks you have should be stored on one of the higher shelves. If this is an out-of-reach area, it would be better to store these smaller items in bins or storage cubbies.

Show some ingenuity by repurposing those unused office organizers and move them over to your linen closet. These can help you stay organized going forward.  

Use That Door

If you’re working with limited space, you might as well work with every inch you have – like the door for example. Research sturdy and well-reviewed, over-the-door racks for any items you’d prefer to hang – such as towels for house guests.

Life Hack: Pillow Sandwiches

Disclaimer: this does not mean storing your deli sandwiches inside of your pillowcases. In fact, your pillowcase BECOMES the sandwich. If you have layers upon layers of linens, whether they match or not, keep sets together by storing your sheets WITHIN the pillowcase. Hence, the pillowcase sandwich. This will save you time and headaches down the line.

Keep it Fresh and Odor Free

Did you know there is such a thing as compact dehumidifiers? Just like we keep baking soda at the back of the refrigerator to keep odors at bay, you can place a compact dehumidifier in the base of your closet to help keep out any musky and musty smells.

We hope the information and ideas we’ve shared will help you tackle your own linen closet organization project. Remember, there’s plenty of flexibility when it comes to setting up your own space, so as long as you find something that works for you and stays functional for several months (or even years if you can make it). There’s nothing wrong with organizing it in any way that gets the job done.

Next project: your kitchen’s junk drawer!

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