Mudroom storage and organization
Organization Tips

Mudroom Storage and Organization Tips

The best way to keep a mudroom organized and clean is proactive storage. Here are the best ways to organize with Prime Storage.

A mudroom is a simple addition to your home that can bring functionality, organization, and cleanliness to a busy and chaotic household. It has many purposes and can be used to store shoes, coats, sports equipment, and other everyday items. While a mudroom is meant for organization purposes, it can easily become cluttered and messy if not organized properly. Here are ways to organize and store your belongings in your mudroom for maximum convenience.

Determine a Designated Space

washer and dryer in a mudroom

Before you begin organizing, determine a specific space in your home for the mudroom. This can be anywhere in your home but is typically near the entrance that you use the most. Keep in mind that a mudroom doesn’t have to be a single-use space; it can share the same space as your laundry room, garage, closet, or hallway near the entryway.

Mudroom Shoe Storage

As the name suggests, a mudroom is meant to catch any mud or dirt from your shoes before tracking it throughout the rest of your home. That’s why you should have a space in your mudroom for your family to take off and store their shoes. Shoe racks, crates, over-the-door cubbies, and wall hooks all work great for simple shoe storage. If you have young kids in your family, you can label their shoe spaces with their names and decorate them with stickers and other fun decorations.

For even more convenience, consider adding a bench or a chair near your shoe storage to make it easy to put on and take off shoes right in your mudroom.

Mudroom Coat and Bag Storage

There are plenty of ways to store coats, hats, scarves, bags, and backpacks in a neat and organized way in your mudroom. For small spaces, you can maximize your space by using wall space with hooks or a wall-mounted coat rack. When you have a little more floor space, try a traditional stand-alone coat rack. Either method is great for easy and painless storage. {H2] Shelf and Storage Bin Organization

wooden shelves for organization

For things that can’t be stored on the wall, take advantage of shelves, storage bins, and baskets for further organization. You can easily repurpose a dresser or a bookshelf and replace the drawers with bins and baskets. These bins can be used to store things such as sports equipment, dog leashes and accessories, outdoor toys, and more and can be easily organized and stowed away on shelves. Similar to the shoe storage, you can label bins with your children’s names to give them their own designated storage space.

Mail and Bulletin Organization

Because you and your family members will be passing through your mudroom on a daily basis, having a centralized area for mail, notes, and calendars are great for organization. All you’ll need is a bulletin board, a calendar, chalk or dry erase board, a cubby to collect mail, and magnets or pushpins. This way, you’ll be able to keep up with important dates coming up, leave messages for your family, and pin important flyers and business cards all in one place. [H2] Mudroom Accessories

Mudroom Accessories

Organizational items in a mudroom

Once you have all of the basic elements to help organize your mudroom, you can accessorize by adding additional pieces to help make it your own. Some handy and stylish accessories you can add include:

  • Key hooks: if you’re always misplacing your keys around your home, adding a key hook to your mudroom will be a lifesaver.
  • Rugs: along with adding some flavor and personality to your mudroom, a rug can also help catch any dirt, leaves, or other debris that can be tracked inside. 
  • Lamps: if your mudroom doesn’t already have enough light, a lamp will help brighten up the room.
  • An umbrella stand: when April showers bring May flowers, a designated umbrella storage space will definitely come in handy! Store them in a tall basket, a vase, or a metal bucket.
  • A mirror: adding a mirror to your mirror allows you to take a peek at your hair and clothes before heading out without having to run back to the bathroom
  • Wall art, wallpaper, signs, and other accessories: personalize your mudroom by adding pillows, house plants, and other personal touches that fit your aesthetic.

Additional Mudroom Storage

After determining everything that you need in your mudroom to effectively store and organize your family’s belongings, it’s time to sort out all of the belongings you don’t need. To avoid clutter, consider storing the things you don’t immediately need in your mudroom such as seasonal decorations, unwanted household appliances, large sports equipment, and more in a self storage unit.

At Prime Storage, we provide convenient, affordable, and flexible storage solutions that can help with mudroom renovation and organization projects. With storage unit sizes ranging from 5×5 to 10×30 (and beyond!), you’ll have the space to store just what you need, whether it be a few seasonal items or large furniture pieces. Our storage facilities offer affordable month-to-month leases that allow you to rent your storage unit exactly how long (or short) you’d like. Make your mudroom more organized by storing your extra belongings in a self storage unit with Prime Storage. To get started, find a Prime Storage facility near you!

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