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How to Set Up Your Holiday Coffee & Cocoa Station

The holidays are upon us and so are all the gatherings and parties. Impress your guests with these holiday coffee & cocoa bar ideas!

It’s hard to believe, but the holiday season is upon us. It’s time to pack up the pumpkins and bring out the snowflakes, buffalo plaid, and faux trees. Amidst all your (re-)decorating, consider also sprucing up your coffee station. One of the best parts of having an at-home coffee bar is decorating it and making it festive for every season. We’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of everything you need to have a holiday coffee and cocoa station that will be the envy of all your guests. And if you don’t already have a coffee station or cart set up at home, you’ll want to create one by the end of this post.

Stock your station with seasonal coffee & cocoa flavors.

What’s a holiday coffee and cocoa station without holiday flavors? There are so many holiday-themed coffee flavors out there: gingerbread, peppermint, sugar cookie, and more. Or you can stick to a more standard holiday or Christmas blend if your taste buds aren’t super fancy. You do you. Bones Coffee Company makes a holiday sample pack. So you can try a little bit of everything, including eggnog and fudge-flavored coffee. Bonus: Bones’ packaging is also cute and holiday-themed, so you can display the bags right at your station! And the fancy flavors aren’t just for coffee—there are plenty of holiday hot cocoa flavors on the market as well. Check out this Swiss Miss assorted pack with caramel, marshmallow, peppermint, and traditional hot cocoa. If you want to be even more extravagant, add some hot cocoa bombs or spoons to your station.

Festive mugs are key.

Festive mugs are an easy and practical way to show off your holiday spirit. They look great, can be changed out frequently, and they’re front and center for when you want to make your hot drink of choice. This set of Mr. & Mrs. Claus mugs would be a great holiday addition to any coffee station. Or, if you’re going for a more generic look, these green forest mugs or red buffalo plaid mugs are both excellent seasonal options. We love the idea of stacking the mugs on a shelf or displaying them on a tray. But if you are short on space, you can purchase a mug tree or even a mug rack that can hang on the wall.

Mason jars are your friends.

You might think mason jars are played out, but they are an easy, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing way to display various things. Use them to store anything from mini marshmallows to sugar cubes, chocolate chips, hot cocoa powder, and sprinkles. Mason jars come in different sizes, from small to large, and they even make jars with snowflakes and ones with red lids if you really want to embrace the holiday or winter spirit. Plus, you can use and reuse the jars throughout the year, which is great from a sustainability standpoint.

Garland and festive banners add extra flair.

If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive way to add that extra flair to your holiday beverage station, consider adding some garland or a festive banner. Check out this on-theme banner featuring trees, snowflakes, and Santa hats, or this burlap and plaid one with a Happy Holidays message. If you are a DIY-er, you can make your own banner with a few simple supplies you likely already have lying around the house. Check out this post from The Pioneer Woman featuring the 40 Best Christmas Garland Ideas to Envelop Your Home in Holiday Cheer for inspiration.

A cheesy sign or two is just fine.

For some reason, cliché decorations seem more acceptable during the holiday season. We love the idea of adding small, cheesy holiday signs to your coffee or cocoa station. Some of our favorites from Etsy include: “I run on coffee & Christmas cheer,” “I don’t give a sip!“, “It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters. It’s who’s around it.“, “I’m a grinch before my coffee,” and “World’s best cup of coffee” (a reference to Buddy the Elf if you didn’t catch it).

Get creative with those extra holiday touches.

You have your basic station set up with your coffee and cocoa bags, mugs, mason jars filled with goodies, and a couple of signs, but it still feels like something is missing. It’s time to add those final touches! Here’s where you can get really creative: add a wire basket or two filled with oversized ornaments. Lay out a handful of miniature bottle brush trees. Fill a jar with candy canes. String up battery-operated lights. Line up some clear glass pump bottles and fill them with holiday-flavored syrups. Display a chalkboard decorated with your own personal holiday message. Tie a plaid ribbon around your mason jars. The possibilities are truly endless!

Get self storage for seasonal décor.

It’s easy to get swept up in the holiday spirit and overdo it. Perhaps you bought those life-size Nutcracker statues or hit up all the local holiday craft fairs without thinking about where you’ll store everything once the season is over. If you feel like your Elf on the Shelf is judging you for your lack of space, it might be time to consider renting self storage for your holiday decoration overflow.

Prime Storage offers a wide range of affordable storage solutions across the U.S. Our storage unit sizes and amenities vary at each facility. So you’re sure to find the perfect space for your needs. Plus, our month-by-month leases mean flexibility, regardless of if you need to store short-term or for the long haul. So, take back your closets and attic space and stick your decorations in seasonal storage today!

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