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A How-To Guide on Garage Organization

Whether you’re reorganizing your garage or trying to give your garage a refresh – here are some ideas for effective garage storage.

Whether you’re reorganizing your garage this summer, relocating items that take up space in your laundry room, or just trying to give your garage a refresh, we want to provide you with tips to help get you there. Here are some handy organization ideas for effective garage storage.

Garage closeup with organized boxes outside

Storage and Organization

It’s time to be clutter-free! In order to get started on your garage organization, it’s important to have a place for everything in it. If you don’t have any storage containers or bins, consider investing in some. Not only will they help you keep things organized, but they’ll also make it easier to find what you need at a glance.

If you’re storing items such as gardening tools or paint cans in random places around your garage, then it’s going to be hard to find them later on when you need them again. Instead, store them in labeled bins that correspond to each item so that everything is easy to find when you need it!

Gardening tools lined up in garage

If you can, purchase clear bins so that you can see most of the items stored inside the container. Heavy duty bins and totes with latching lids will better secure your items than bins with snap lids or bins with no lids at all.

You can’t successfully store things without keeping organization in mind. Start the road to organization by sorting your tools. If you can, organize them by category so that finding one is easy and quick (and maybe even fun!).

If you don’t have a designated spot for your tools, then they’ll be scattered all over the place, which can be dangerous if you have any projects going on in there. A lot of folks have garage projects for their various hobbies and DIY projects.


One of the best things you can do to refresh any space and specifically your garage is to purge your items. If you’re not sure how to purge your items, we suggest using the four-box method. Get out your permanent marker and label four boxes the following: keep, trash, give away, re-locate.

When folks purge, they also find sports gear taking up a lot of space can get tossed – like a too-old-to-use baseball mitt or a popped basketball. It’s time to purge!

Old sports equipment ready to be purged from garage

Whether an item is significant or not, place it in or near the box. This will really help give you a bird’s eye view of how productive your purging process is.


Is there dust and dirt everywhere? This would be the perfect opportunity to sweep out all of this excess filth. In addition to sweeping out your garage and getting rid of the dust and dirt, you can also take this time to clean any of your tools and machinery, like your wrenches and pliers, along with your power tools, mowers, sanders, and electrical saws – you know the DRILL.

Yellow drill and tools on wooden table

Keep in mind that if you store and care for your tools properly, it’ll keep them from rusting or corroding when they’re exposed to moisture from rain or snowfall (or even if they get wet during construction work). Tool storage is important too!

Tools resting on wooden table

Keep it Off the Ground

If you have the ability to store items on your garage walls, you’ll gain much more floor space with your efforts. If you can install wall mounted shelves to tuck away excess storage bins, sports equipment, and the like, you’ll make more room for everything else. Vertical storage can also be convenient when you install items like bike racks to hold yours and your family’s bikes.

Bikes organized in garage hanging up

Must-Have Storage To-Dos

To best protect curious kiddos and four-legged pets from any chemicals you might store in your garage, consider investing in a lockable cabinet. When in doubt, label it out. If you don’t want to ruin any of your storage containers with permanent marker , consider investing in a portable label maker.

Finally, clear jars of varying sizes make for great organization tools for those smaller items like hardware.

For other tips on organizing your life and turning your home into your dream home, click here. When you run out of room for storing items in your garage, it’s definitely time to consider renting a storage unit at Prime Storage.

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