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Home Renovation: How to Stay Organized During Your Project

Do you have upcoming home renovation projects or other improvement projects on the horizon? As exciting as it is to implement a fresh new look to your home, many aspects of a large project like this can be stressful. Time flies, and we want to help make sure that you are ready for when the first day of renovations begins! We have some helpful tips on how to start preparing and how to stay organized. 

Planning & Scheduling Your Renovation

First and foremost, make sure that you have your dates written down and the order in which your project will be completed (if you have more than one going on). As we mentioned before, time flies, and to enjoy your home improvement project to the fullest, you want to be ahead of schedule! Writing down dates and setting reminders on your phone or calendar is a simple yet very effective method of staying organized. Having a visual of your dates will allow you to see how much time you have to pack away items, clean your home, buy supplies, etc.

Second, consider the order you will be renovating your home (if you’re doing more than one space). You will want a plan on how to live in your home as you go through each project. For example, if you plan a bathroom or kitchen remodel, make sure you are still doing it in steps to use those essential areas of your home. The last thing you will want is to start by ripping out the toilet before you have someone scheduled to come in that day! The same goes for the kitchen; you might not want to start with your stovetop. Consider painting and flooring first before taking out/replace the essentials or something as simple as entry and exit ways to the home. Make sure you always have a way to get in and out of your home without too much trouble. 

Creating a Vision

Next: the fun part! Have a vision for your space; you will run into hiccups if you are trying to plan out your projects, large and small. A mood board is a visual presentation or ‘collage’ of images, texts, samples under a set topic. These are used to convey a general idea or a particular topic. You can make mood boards both digitally or with raw material! Having a creative layout will help you stay on focus with your style and help you stay on budget. It is easy to diverge off the original plan during big projects, and you may end up spending more funds and time than you originally had laid out.

Prepping Your Space

Some items tend to collect dust more than others so you will want to wrap them up before renovations start. This step of the project will be the least aesthetically pleasing. However, it will save you any headaches revolving around later clean-up. Dust is inevitable; some of the most common household items that collect dust are curtains, overhead light fixtures, bookshelves, plant leaves, decorative items, and lampshades. Consider removing these items during your remodel and packing them away, so they stay clean AND minimize dust collection. Things in general that we would suggest you pack away is anything fragile or memorable. Large ticket items like your couch and rugs should be covered. You do not want to accidentally get paint, dirt, nor dust on your furniture. It is better to be safe than sorry when wrapping and to store away your belongings during a renovation/remodel to another room. 

Storage During Renovation

Suppose you like the idea of moving your items to protect them but don’t have space in your house. Consider renting a storage unit. Prime Storage offers month by month rentals, which is perfect for both short and long-term rentals. Renting month by month is an affordable option that helps you declutter and open up your space during your large project. Many of our locations offer climate controlled units which is an excellent option for precious items. If you are unfamiliar with climate controlled units’ qualities, check out our blog about climate controlled units! Storing your items off-site will help give you peace of mind and help keep things under control at your house. 

Ready to take on your project head-on? We are excited for you and your new home look! Renovation and home improvement projects should be fun above all things. By staying organized and having a solid plan, you will find yourself enjoying the process and the after results once your masterpiece is complete!

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