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Holiday Decor Storage Tips

The holidays bring an opportunity to decorate your home. How can you do so in an organized fashion? Prime Storage has your back.

Ready for winter? No matter how or when you celebrate the holidays, you’re probably bracing for the chaos coming down the pipeline. At a time like this, it may be difficult to find a good place to store all of your decorations, presents, and other holiday memorabilia.

Fortunately, Prime Storage is right here for you and ready to assist. If you aren’t prepared, the hustle and bustle of the holidays can blindside you, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Take advantage of holiday storage this season and enter the new year with less stress.

Take Advantage of Labels

The first step to organization is knowing the right place for everything. This is made much easier if you label all of your boxes and containers so that there’s no confusion when it’s time to pull things out of storage next winter.

If you have a variety of ornaments, begin by separating each of them into different boxes specific to that type of ornament. Boxes are a perfect holiday storage item, thanks to how they take advantage of vertical space, saving a lot of ground if you’re working within a limited area. Wine and liquor boxes are reliable options for holiday storage, since they work with round and unusually shaped ornaments.

Store Lights Carefully

We all know how annoying it can be to undo a long length of cord that’s gotten itself into a tangle. At best it might take several minutes – sometimes even longer – and it can really slow down your progress when unpacking.

Instead of throwing all your lights in a box, where they can mix into knots, set yourself up for success next year and take an extra minute to wrap lights around a piece of cardboard or a wrapping paper tube. This way, when you take it out to decorate next year, it’s far less likely to come out as a jumbled mess with all the other lights or items packed together.

You can also use low-tack masking tape to pack the lights and make sure they are fastened all year long. Next year, you’ll be surprised how much easier and faster decorating your home with lights will feel.

Candles Need a Cool Environment

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Candles are capable of melting even when they aren’t lit if the environment they’re in is too hot.

When storing candles, utilizing a basement or climate controlled holiday storage is a great option. To make sure there’s no trouble, you may also try wrapping them in cellophane, so if they do melt, they don’t ruin everything around them or bleed colors into one another.

Try to Save the Original Packaging

Do you have a favorite holiday decoration? If it’s bigger than an ornament or a bundle of lights, chances are storing it with anything other than its original package is less than ideal.

For things like nativity scenes, Christmas trees, or anything else with a specific size or shape, try and remember to keep the original packaging. Original packaging is helpful because it usually comes with an image of the items on the outside, so you won’t need to label it, and you know the item will fit because it came in the box!

Hide or Keep Gifts in Holiday Storage

A lot of traditions around this time of year involve gift-giving. For those with children, assuming they want to keep the gifts hidden, doing so can be tricky. Kids can be clever, and if you aren’t careful about where you put the gifts, you run the risk of them being found in advance, taking away a little bit of the mystery.

To avoid this problem, try to make the most of holiday storage as a remote, affordable, 

and reliable location for gifts. Even if you aren’t trying to hide them, it can save a lot of space in your house to keep them somewhere that’s easily accessible and clean. 

Doing this ensures you won’t be tripping over gifts for weeks or months before the holiday.

Turn to Prime Storage for Your Holiday Storage Needs

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No matter what holidays or traditions you practice, Prime Storage wants to offer our holiday and decoration storage options to reduce your stress this holiday season.

Need something long-term for decoration storage? We have your back. Maybe temporary holiday storage to keep gifts out of the house? We understand that too.

Prime Storage has many different storage unit sizes and types to accommodate your needs. Our storage unit size guide will give you a better idea of how large each storage option is, and which ones are most compatible for your needs.

Give us a call at 888.846.6503, where a trained professional will be ready to help, or find a storage unit near you today!

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