Man sitting at desk and looking at a double computer monitor
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Work Hard, Live Well: A Guide to Creating an Effective Home Office Space

With working from home on a rising trend, go beyond the temporary home office setup and create the effective workspace you need.

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Man sitting at desk and looking at a double computer monitor

Social distancing restrictions may be long gone, but many Americans still work from home. Stanford University economics professor Nicholas Bloom stated that 10% of the US workforce currently works from home, while about 35% of the workforce is in a hybrid setup. Bloom believes that this trend won’t change anytime soon, especially now that remote work technologies are on the rise.

Given that remote work is here to stay, it’s time to go beyond temporary home office setups and start investing in a work station that’s conducive to your productivity. To understand the importance of a good home office, here’s what you need to know about its effect on your work performance:

The Link Between Your Productivity and Your Working Space

The little details in your home office can actually make a big impact on your productivity at work. Psychology Today explains that the design and layout of your working environment can spark inspiration at work and improve the quality of your performance. For example, designs that focus on natural forms and materials, including natural and imitation plants, have been found to reduce stress in the workplace. Aside from that, a well-lit work area can keep you alert and focused, and allow you to be easily identified during virtual meetings.

How to Maximize Your Home Office Space

Invest in ergonomic furniture that suits your needs

study from the University of Cincinnati revealed that too much sitting can lead to increased discomfort in your body, including dreaded back pain. So instead of maintaining a prolonged sitting position, try investing in a sitting and standing desk that can help you easily transition between two different postures while working. Ergonomic office chairs can also be useful in reducing body pain due to their adjustable settings and lumbar support.

Leverage digital tools that can boost your productivity

They may seem like a small issue for some, but bugs, glitches, and crashes from software programs can easily interrupt your productivity at work. Remote workers heavily rely on gadgets to get things done, which is why a guide to running remote businesses by Maryville University notes how IT support issues can easily disrupt your work day. Additionally, keeping your files in external hard drives and USB drives can contribute to clutter, which can in turn affect your focus and productivity.

You can avoid this dilemma and maintain your productivity by maximizing reliable digital tools, such as the cloud-based office tool GSuite or the file hosting service Dropbox. These digital tools are reliable and accessible across various devices, so you can expect a seamless working experience despite setbacks.

Get a storage system to keep your workspace tidy

Digital tools can help in minimizing clutter from your workspace. But if you have numerous paper documents, books, and tools on your desk, you’ll need to organize them properly to keep your work area tidy.

A simple desk organizer or drawer can do for professionals who have to deal with paperwork. However, a Prime Storage unit with climate control is incredibly useful for professionals who need to store furniture, art, and maybe even private documents. These storage units keep your items secure, so you can easily maintain a tidy and organized workspace at home.

A decorated and well-organized work area can make a huge difference in your performance. Now that remote work could become a permanent option for many Americans, it’s time for you to cultivate a home office space that brings the best out of you at work.

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