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10 Coffee Table Accents for Living Room Inspiration

It’s time to change up your coffee table décor! Need inspiration? We’ve got you. Check out our list of different accent pieces you can use.

Who doesn’t love looking at coffee table accents for your living room? I’m guessing there are a lot of you, but for those who don’t, this will make it easy for you. Accents can help diversify your living room area by offering a unique touch.

In addition, coffee table accents can take your interior design to the next level, and/or make your coffee table more functional. They can reflect or contrast your personality, depending on the vibe you’re going for.

Coffee tables in your living room can serve many purposes. They can be used as a place to set your drink while watching television or as additional storage for books and knick-knacks. No matter what your needs are, if you need help finding inspiration for your coffee table, simply keep reading.

1. Focal Point for Your Candlesticks

Candlesticks can draw the eyes right in depending on their height. These can give your coffee table some character. Depending on the vibe of your living room, you can choose from a variety of candlesticks and candles to tie this display together. Make sure you’re mindful of any fire hazards! You might want to try ‘faux candles’ in your candlestick display.

2. Chic Book Display

Books – especially ones that haven’t been read through yet – make for great décor because they offer a clean look when organized appropriately. When you stack them from largest to smallest, it provides for a cohesive and decorative look. If you’re not a book collector or bookworm – try magazines. And if all else fails in the reading department, you can get spunky by displaying board games.

3. Accent Art

If your living space is mostly neutral colors, your coffee table could be used to display some accent pieces whether it’s a bright blue flower vase or an abstract gold statuette. These look exceptionally sharp when paired with glass top tables. Accent art can also provide an opportunity to display a pattern differing from everything else in the space.

4. Moss Topiaries

If you’re asking yourself ‘WTH*CK’ is a moss topiary, we’ve included an example below.  These are a little different than your typical greenery and floral arrangement. They have a fuzzy look to them that creates a unique and fun display for your guests to take in. Green tends to contrast well with a glass coffee table whereas florals contrast well with wood and metal coffee tables.

5. Modern and Minimalistic

Perhaps your coffee table itself is a statement piece. You can take this opportunity to display minimal or no items and use the history of this table as a conversation starter i.e., where it came from or how it was made. If you’re thinking ‘minimalism’ for your décor, then you’ll likely be able to get to the right price point when considering your decorating budget.

A coffee table with built-in storage is another avenue to consider when thinking of ‘minimalism’ for your decorative pieces.

6. Geometric Containers

Not only are geometric containers good for storing items, but they can help create corners and edges in a room that is made up of rounded items such as pillows and couch cushions. This helps to produce some contrast in your décor.

7. Natural Elements

Adding natural items like rocks you’ve collected or real flowers and plants can make a space so much lovelier. Provided you have the right amount of sunlight and patience to maintain your pet plant, you can utilize your coffee table to display these natural elements. Natural elements pair well with wood tops and metal frame coffee tables. Including a touch of natural elements in EVERY room of your house is essential.

8. Mirrored Objects

Any mirrored or reflective object can make a space feel bigger, especially if it’s already a small one. This type of décor may be more challenging to locate than other trinkets, but you can generally find candlestick holders and smaller decorative displays like bowls/frames/storage boxes that are mirrored.

9. Copper Vessels

Copper creates the perfect accent for any coffee table that falls more in line with rustic décor. When pairing your neutral coffee table and couch with copper vessels or vases, you can use hints of copper in your throw pillows to spice up the room a bit.

10. Cutesy Coasters

Sometimes items that you think of for functional purposes can also be decorative – like coasters, for instance. They can serve as two assets to you – table protection from your beverages with condensation as well as cute accents. If you have a lift-top coffee table that you plan to dine at often, coasters make for great accents that are practical as well.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to inspire you to take a closer look at coffee table accents. They can be whatever you want them to be—an expression of your specific tastes, or a way to bolster the décor with something functional. Either way, they’re a good starting point for making your home feel a little more like you.

May the coffee table in your living room never be void of interesting decors again!

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