A modern bathroom with walls painted in the Behr 2023 color of the year, Blank Canvas
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Brighten Your Home with 2023 Colors of the Year

There’s no better time to repaint your home than when the colors of the year are announced. See how major retailers are using these fun hues.

2023 Color of the Year paint swatches for Behr, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore

Nothing says a new year like a fresh coat of paint. And it’s not just Pantone that leads the annual trend each December. A new year means the release of many fun new paint colors and ideas to reinvigorate your home. Even if you live in a rental and can’t repaint your walls, you can still jazz up your living space with decorative accents. Our post, “Refresh Your Home with Pantone Color of the Year: very Peri,” offers some decorative inspiration. Make your home feel hip and new with minimal effort. Check out these upcoming 2023 color palettes from three major retailers. Learn how you can use them to create a chic and inviting room anywhere in your home.

A modern bathroom with walls painted in the Behr 2023 color of the year, Blank Canvas
Photo by Behr

Blank Canvas

A fitting name for Behr’s 2023 color of the year. Blank Canvas is a soft, off-white neutral color that can work in truly any room. Create a welcoming appeal for entryways or hallways, a comforting vibe for your living room, a bright and fresh feeling for your kitchen or bathroom, or a relaxing tone in the bedroom. Heck, it’s even great for an office, as white often makes people feel relaxed, renewed, and focused.

Utilize this versatile color to establish an atmosphere where you can unwind and de-stress after a long day. Like a fresh slate, Blank Canvas can be paired with just about any other color to enhance your picture-perfect home. Add in earthy tones or pastels for a cozier appeal, bolder shades for a dramatic effect, or other neutrals for a modern flair. There is no wrong answer. Behr even offers expert color combination recommendations if you aren’t sure which direction you want to go. Plus, this color comes with an added bonus if you’re into Feng Shui, as white tones are considered powerfully harmonizing.

Redend Point

Sherwin William’s 2023 color of the year, Redend Point, is part of the company’s colormix forecast—”40 trend colors across four palettes, inspired by the natural interweaving of ourselves and our spaces.” Redend Point evokes a calm, cozy feeling of rest and relaxation. Use this mid-tone color on your living room or office walls. It also works well as an accent in throw pillows, wall décor, curtains, and more. The possibilities are endless!

The earthy tone toes the line between a rosy blush and beige, bringing a nature-derived atmosphere to any room. It is perfect for those who want to step away from shades of white while maintaining a classic look. Pair this subtle color with wood accents and natural textiles to bring out the earthy hues of clay and terracotta. Then, add in some fresh potted plants and greenery to really make this color pop. The pink undertones will compliment any shade of green to enhance a room to its full comfort potential. Sherwin Williams also has a nifty feature called the ColorSnap® Visualizer. With this, you can upload a photo and see how the color would look anywhere in your home before buying it. Plus, they’ve partnered with Etsy and compiled a selection of complementary décor and accessories to make your life easier.

A living room wall painted in the Benjamin Moore 2023 color of the year, Raspberry Blush
Photo by Benjamin Moore

Raspberry Blush

Benjamin Moore is starting 2023 swinging with their inspiring Raspberry Blush hue. “A vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink, Raspberry Blush enlivens the senses with an electric optimism.” This charismatic red-orange color features pink undertones and is part of a larger Color Trends 2023 palette, which features “eight confident hues.” Benjamin Moore has partnered with Chromeo, an electric-funk duo, to create this upbeat palette that plays a vital part in expressiveness, similar to music.

Raspberry Blush is a true statement for those seeking something bold and bright to enhance their living space, whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist. Take a daring step outside (or inside) your comfort zone and bring personality into your home. Not sure where to start? Benjamin Moore recommends using this color to elevate your dining room, living room, or bathroom. If you’re hesitant to paint an entire wall in such a vibrant shade, try a smaller area like an accent wall. Enhance the area with matching décor, like a bath mat, dining set, or lamp. Like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore also offers a Personal Color Viewer®, so you can visualize and test where this color most enhances your space.

One of the easiest ways to elevate your living space without budgeting for a renovation is to DIY it and slap on a fresh coat of paint. But with so many unique colors out there, it’s hard to choose. Do you stick with classic white, liven things up with a colorful neutral, or make a statement with something bold and bright? If you’re new to painting, check out this post on picking paint colors and other painting tips.

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