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How to Give Your Breakfast Nook a Makeover

Liven up your kitchen with a breakfast nook makeover, and use self storage near you to help with your next home renovation!

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Whether it’s hosting a dinner or throwing together a quick meal, the kitchen is often one of the most important rooms in your home. Because of this, it’s also the space in a house or apartment that typically gets the most attention. That includes any awkward spaces that you may not know how to truly utilize—like that funky corner of the room you’re just not sure what to do with.

A trendy breakfast nook is both popular and practical, so it may be time to ask yourself if you have the space to create one. And if you already have one, is it time for a breakfast nook makeover? At Prime Storage, we’re big believers in the idea that you can and should do what you want with your space. Let’s look at why a breakfast nook may make sense for your home and how self storage can help you turn this weekend project into a reality.

What is a breakfast nook?

Breakfast nooks are casual spaces that offer sit-in dining in your kitchen. Despite the name, they’re not just for breakfast. They’re typically small spaces that are enclosed on three sides. Most people choose benches or other types of corner seating like what you’d see in a diner.

Why do people like breakfast nooks?

People like them because they’re cozy and offer a chance to show off your creativity and personal tastes. Breakfast nooks offer flexibility for those who don’t want to use or don’t have the space for a full dining room table. These nooks are a common focal point in kitchens with big windows because they offer a nice view of the outside.

For busy parents, breakfast nooks offer a great way for kids to stay close by and entertained while the adults cook. And they’re not just for eating. Families can sit around the nook and work on homework, do art projects, or even play board games.

Does a breakfast nook really save space?

Depending on how your kitchen is laid out, a breakfast nook can maximize your space or it can take up valuable real estate. What really matters are your priorities. Even with built-in storage benches, a breakfast nook can take up space that may be better suited for a pantry or a kitchen island.

Breakfast nooks are the perfect size for kids or a couple of adults. A larger family may feel more cramped given the smaller space. Plan your eating nook and seating based on your needs.

Another thing to consider is that a breakfast nook’s prime location often makes it a convenient dumping ground for mail or other clutter. If you’re going to build one, avoid dropping off keys, mail, magazines, or other junk on the table. Keeping it free of clutter keeps it useful.

How do I build a breakfast nook?

Breakfast nooks can actually be completed in a pretty convenient weekend project, provided you’re willing to head to the lumber yard or hardware store and pick up supplies. It may take a couple of days and a little elbow grease, but a new breakfast nook can be built for anywhere between $200 and $400.

In addition to materials, you’ll need tools like a circular saw, cordless drill, wood clamps, and a miter saw to make all the required cuts to the wood. If you’re not sure about cutting the sheets of plywood, ask someone at the home improvement store to help make initial cuts. They typically have someone on-site who is available to help.

As you build the nook, don’t forget that most of the time spent will be applying stain and coating to protect the wood. It’ll take a polyurethane stain a couple of hours to completely cure.

Not interested in building your own furniture? You’re not alone. Luckily, some online retailers offer options for pre-built breakfast nooks with benches and tables.

Can you put an island in a breakfast nook?

Most breakfast nooks use freestanding tables, but there’s nothing that says you can’t create one with an island. Just know that the seating for an island may not be as kid-friendly as it would be if the tabletop were closer to the ground. If you’ve got little ones to worry about, a shorter table might work better.

Do breakfast nooks need to stay in the corner?

Modern dining room
Photo via @adriinteriors

Most breakfast nooks do sit in the corner of the room because that’s where they have available space , but some people choose to treat their dine-in kitchen as a nook. There are so many ways to creatively enhance your space; the sky’s the limit.

Preparing Your Space for the Renovation

If you do decide to build a breakfast nook where there’s already furniture, you’ll need to find a home for those items. One of the most convenient ways to keep them out of the way is to find offsite storage near your home.

Find Self Storage at Prime Storage

Whether your breakfast nook remodel involves taking out existing furniture or you need a space for building materials, renting a self storage unit can give you the freedom and flexibility to make your renovation simple. Prime Storage offers storage units in multiple sizes that can accommodate renovations to rooms or whole homes. The convenience of self storage allows you to keep your kitchen clean of clutter while you finalize your design. Rent your storage unit today!

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