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How Self Storage Makes Job Relocation Easier

Whether it’s a promotion or because you’re changing careers or companies, getting a new job is exciting! When your new job takes you to a brand new city or state, it’s important to plan out your move to be as stress-free as possible. From hiring movers to figuring out what you need to pack first, there are plenty of decisions to make regarding your move, and that doesn’t even take into account the house hunting process when you finally arrive.

If you’re worried about finding the perfect home for you or your family, consider renting a self storage unit. At Prime Storage, we understand that through life challenges or exciting changes, Life Demands Space®. That’s something we have in spades! With over 170 locations across the United States, Prime Storage is here to help make your job relocation as smooth as can be.

Self storage keeps you organized before the move.

We’ve talked before about how self storage can help you stage your home for sale, but it also gives you the freedom to plan out your next steps without being overwhelmed by boxes. By moving items into a self storage unit as you pack them, there’s no risk of accidentally leaving something behind. Everything is contained in one space for your movers – or your moving truck, if you’re moving on your own – to load up before you leave.

It reduces packing and unpacking in your new city.

In a perfect world, you’d have your new dream home all lined up before you arrive in your new city and be able to move right in. Sometimes, that’s the case! More often than not, however, you don’t really have the “lay of the land” when you arrive, and your housing decisions need to be made quickly. It may make more sense to rent an apartment before committing to shopping for a new home. 

Instead of unpacking all your belongings when you get to your apartment, rent a nearby self storage unit and take only what you need. You can visit the unit in case you’ve forgotten something or need to switch out seasonal clothes, kitchen equipment, and more. When you’re ready to finally move into your new house you and your family need, all your belongings are still packed for easy transport!

It’s an affordable way to store your things in one spot if you move abroad.

If you’re a military service member or family, you’re accustomed to moving across the country – if not the world – for work. Sometimes these moves are long-term, and in other cases, they may be temporary. Instead of paying rent on an apartment that isn’t being used or paying high shipping costs to bring everything along with you, rent a self storage unit that can accommodate all of your belongings at once. When your deployment or overseas assignment is over, they’ll be right where you left them.

Choose Prime Storage When Your Life Demands Space®

Whether your new job is taking you across the state, country, or globe, there are plenty of reasons to choose a storage unit at Prime Storage. When you need organizational tools and help navigating expected and unexpected life challenges and opportunities, trust the friendly storage professionals at more than 170 nationwide facilities to help you make your move a smooth one. Visit a facility near you to rent your storage unit today!

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