How to Move with Pets

Moving with pets can become an overwhelming tasks. We’ve gathered some tips to make relocating your pets easy!

How do you move with cats or a dog – or even your bearded dragon? When you move with pets, you might find that travel – be it in the air or on the ground – can be challenging. Knowing what supplies to pack and what supplies to buy based on the location you’re moving to might seem overwhelming, but there are ways to make this seemingly difficult process easier.

It might seem like the moving process is going to be a huge hassle, but that hassle doesn’t have to include your beloved companion animals. We’ll show you how to relocate with pets and make everyone’s lives easier.

Whether you’re relocating within your city or taking a road trip across the country, our tips for moving will help you move with your furry family members in tow. For general moving advice, visit our blog on Tips for When Moving Out of Your Home.

Plan Ahead

The first step is to plan ahead. Start by making a list of all the things you’ll need for your pets during the move: food, medications, leashes, toys, crates and carriers, and any other essentials necessary for their care. If you have multiple pets who require different levels of care or attention, it might be a good idea to send your pets to daycare or hire a pet sitter to take care of them while you move so that they don’t get neglected.

Person walking their pet dog on a leash

If your move is going to take multiple days and require numerous stops, ensure that you’re staying at pet friendly hotels.

Pack Up Your Pet’s Belongings

Once you’ve made your list, start packing up all the items and labeling boxes according to where they’ll go at your new place. For example, if you’re moving into another apartment or house where there is already furniture then label those boxes “living room dog toys” or “bedroom pet furniture.” This will make unpacking much easier later on!

Schedule Vet Visits Before Moving Day

If possible, consider getting carriers with wheels so you don’t have to carry them. You’ll also want to consider how well the carrier keeps out light and noise so your pet isn’t overly stressed by their surroundings while traveling with you!

When moving with pets, make sure that you always have food, water, and treats on hand so they don’t go hungry or thirsty during any part of their journey! You may also want to consider bringing along some toys or bedding that smells like home so your pet can feel more comfortable during travel time.

Create a Safe and Healthy Environment

Make sure there is plenty of food and water available for your cats or dogs at all times during the move so they don’t get dehydrated or hungry while being confined in a crate or other small space during transit.

Pet dogs looking out of the car window

Also, make sure that there are no plastic bags around or any other type of packaging because they can chew through them and choke on the plastic pieces that remain inside their bodies after ingestion takes place (this can cause serious injury or death).

If possible, try scheduling vet visits before moving day so that there won’t be any surprises when it comes time for the move. Don’t forget to make sure your pet’s immunizations are up to date. This will help keep them healthy as they travel from location to location. Get them microchipped if you haven’t already.

Cat sitting at a vet appointment

Make the Move Comfortable for Them

Choose a carrier that will be comfortable for your pet, but also easy for you to carry around when needed. Carriers should have proper ventilation so that your pets don’t overheat while they’re being moved around.

Girl looking at pet dog inside moving carrier

If you’re driving a long way, prepare your pet by taking them on mini car rides to get them accustomed to being in a car for an extended amount of time.

Relocating with pets can be a tricky and stressful process, but it’s one that becomes easier with practice. Regardless, developing a plan in advance will save you time, money, and sanity.

The more prepared you are for the move, the better the experience will be for you and your animals. Each relocation is unique, so taking the time to develop a customized plan will help make your next move a pleasant one.

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Golden retriever with luggage, ready for a move!
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