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Four Ways Prime Storage Is Helping Small Businesses Grow

Learn how to grow your small business using self storage for product inventory, commercial office space, retail space, and restaurants.

In partnership with Ally Meyers of The Scoop Saratoga

It’s super easy when starting a side hustle or running a small business to feel, well… overwhelmed. It’s ALL you! The marketing, selling, accounting, day-to-day operations, and everything else that comes with running your business. Whether you’re running an online business or storefront, or working out of commercial office space, there’s always a need for more space for inventory or supplies. Storage space allows business owners a low-cost way to tackle the overwhelm of an overflowing or growing business. Here are four ways that Prime Storage is helping small businesses grow.

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Space Solutions For Product-Based Businesses

With the pandemic came the realization of long term entrepreneurial dreams, and the desire to co-work or work from home. If your dreams included scaling your side-hustle or continuing to grow that e-commerce product-based business, you’ll need some space to do so. And no co-worker or family member appreciates your dreams overtaking their personal space. Having a designated space to keep inventory and supplies organized is essential in accurately and efficiently getting your customers what they need. And helps you keep your living room, well… just that.

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Only Pay For The Commercial Office Space You Need

I wish I could say that we’ve all gone paperless. But we know that it’s far from the truth. From the retention of business or customer records, to the marketing materials that you must have available, papers take up way too much real estate. Another office space-invader is unused office furniture or equipment. Fully optimize that premium office space by keeping these clutter culprits off-site.

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Retail Space Remedies

There’s your retail floor space. And then there’s the space you need for EVERYTHING else that is essential to running a retail business or storefront. The seasonal inventory not ready to hit the floor. The trade show supplies. The fixtures not currently being used. The holiday displays. All of this stuff takes up valuable leased space, but can remain easily accessible in a convenient , self storage unit.

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Relief For Restaurants

Optimal use of the dining area is essential in running a restaurant profitably. Holiday décor, large appliances, or extra tables and chairs for special events and banquets are also essential to running a restaurant. Caterers and restaurants that cater have additional needs that include the storing of linens, chafing dishes, china and glassware. Storage units are a great way to quickly get access to the supplies you only occasionally need.

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Now more than ever, small businesses must get creative in an effort to keep their businesses profitable. Consider the use of additional storage space close to your business, like the ones available locally from Prime Storage, as an extension of your business. The climate controlled units enable you to store temperature sensitive inventory. The convenient facility access hours make it easy to quickly retrieve whatever you need from your unit and get back to business. Prime Storage can give your business all the space it needs to grow.

Looking to rent storage space? Prime Storage has storage unit sizes ranging from 5×5 to 10×30 (and beyond!) Check out all the storage options available near you!

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Written by our blog partner, Ally Meyers of The Scoop Saratoga

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