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4 Small Business Storage Tips for Your Office

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Managing office storage can be tricky for businesses of all sizes and in every industry. From copy paper to inventory, you need a convenient spot for everything that helps your company run smoothly. With square footage at a premium, your workplace can easily become cluttered and disorganized. Don’t panic! Trust these four small business storage tips to help you manage your space more efficiently.

Declutter your office storage space.

Just as you would start a home organization project by ditching unused or obsolete items, decluttering your workplace provides a clean slate for supply, inventory, and equipment storage. Eliminate clutter with these easy steps:

  • Put old inventory on sale
  • Toss or donate obsolete items
  • Purge papers you no longer need

Selling old inventory at a discount can still net you some returns and can help clear out shelf space for next year’s model. If there are obsolete computers or other equipment cluttering up closets, it’s time to toss them. And any paperwork from longer than three years ago probably won’t be necessary for future accounting.

Getting rid of nonessentials means fewer items to deal with later, should you need to expand to a larger space. Whether you plan to rearrange them in your current space or move them to a self-storage facility, less is more when it comes to office storage.

Ask for input from employees.

Getting feedback from employees can help you develop a business storage system that makes sense and maximizes efficiency. Storing all documents in a file room may seem logical, but some staff members could benefit from having certain papers in file cabinets near their desks for quick retrieval. Team members may also offer valuable input on which inventory should be placed front and center, or what supplies should be purchased in bulk and stored elsewhere. Your IT lead can tell you which items are perfect candidates for off-site computer equipment storage.

Find the right inventory management system.

If inventory management isn’t as efficient as it could be, consider streamlining the process with new software. If you prefer spreadsheets and other old-school tools, stick with those systems as long as they work for everybody. It’s best to find an inventory tracking system everyone can agree on, whether it involves assigning SKUs differently or adding labels with barcodes to items that normally just sit on numbered shelves. Barcodes are especially helpful when keeping items offsite in a climate controlled storage unit.

Use climate controlled storage for office equipment that takes up space.

When standard organization practices fail, a storage unit could be the answer to your office storage problems. You may only need to store a certain type of asset. Whether that includes unused office furniture, excess inventory, or surplus supplies depends on your company’s unique needs. Climate controlled storage units can protect important documents, fragile inventory, and expensive equipment from excessive heat, cold, or even rapidly fluctuating temperatures.

Whatever you decide to place in your business storage unit, be sure to include it in your inventory system or supply and equipment lists. Ask your business insurance representative about including the contents of your unit in your policy.

Find your climate controlled storage unit at Prime Storage.

Whipping your office storage system into shape helps make day-to-day tasks easier and more efficient. From getting the whole team on the same page to finding the right equipment storage option for your needs, optimizing your business storage system can help streamline many of your daily processes. From sales reps working out of home offices to e-commerce companies needing inventory and equipment storage, businesspeople in almost any industry can benefit from climate controlled storage.

Whether you reserve a unit online or contact our helpful team, Prime Storage offers accessible, affordable storage options at a facility near you. To get started, explore our available amenities or visit your nearest Prime Storage location. You can also shop for and rent a unit online!

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