View of the Bronx, NY, from the Hudson River
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Moving to the Bronx, NY: A Guide

The Bronx is famous for many things and is a great place to live. Read our guide to living and finding self storage in the Bronx.

View of the Bronx, NY, from the Hudson River

Thinking about moving to the Bronx? You’re not alone. Just shy of 1.5 million people call this New York City borough home. With a rich historical legacy and plenty of diverse neighborhoods, this part of the city has something to offer everyone. This is especially true for budget-conscious residents, who move here to enjoy housing prices well below the city’s average: one of many reasons it’s called the “most affordable borough.”

Whether you want to live a suburban lifestyle in parts of town like Riverdale or feel more comfortable in the industrial confines of South Bronx, let Prime Storage be your guide to moving to and living in this character-rich part of the city.

Neighborhoods of the Bronx

The Bronx is known for many things, and its diverse neighborhoods are no exception. Even though a growing population has led to fewer distinctions between each part of the borough, some estimates list the Bronx as having 49 neighborhoods, while others say as many as 68. Popular neighborhoods to call home include:

  • Concourse: Getting its name from the Grand Concourse, this neighborhood has been a hotbed of revitalization over the past few years. One significant benefit is the ease of transit. It can take 40-45 minutes to get to multiple locations in Manhattan, New Jersey, Queens, and Connecticut.
  • Fordham: This West Bronx neighborhood sits close to Fordham University and offers relatively affordable housing for 1-bedroom rentals.
  • Kingsbridge: A popular part of town, Kingsbridge offers easy access to Manhattan and features hilly neighborhoods. Van Cortlandt Park offers its residents plenty to do on pleasant weekends.
  • South Bronx: Accessible by subway, the South Bronx may not have any official boundaries, but it does offer renters plenty of high-density apartment housing and multi-unit homes. The South Bronx is also home to Yankee Stadium.
  • Riverdale: Suburban living, rich in history and filled with green spaces. This part of town is home to many large homes and historic architecture. Some 1-bedroom rentals can be found among the million-dollar homes.

Hallway with a sign that reads Yankee Stadium

Things to Do in the Bronx

The Bronx offers no shortage of fun and entertainment for all interests. Animal lovers can check out the habitats and exhibits at the Bronx Zoo, while theater enthusiasts can (and should) check out institutions like the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts. The Bronx is also home to several museums and cultural centers, including the Van Cortlandt House and the Bartow-Pell Mansion. Given that the Bronx is known as the birthplace of hip-hop, the art scene here is practically unmatched.

Of course, any fan must visit one of the most venerated venues in sports: the South Bronx’s very own Yankee Stadium. Catching a Yankees or NYCFC game at this park is a unique and rewarding experience for baseball and soccer fans.

The Bronx is no stranger to parks, either, with several fun places to spend time outdoors. Visit the New York Botanical Garden to see a dazzling display and explore the blooming plant life.

The Bronx is also home to thousands of renowned restaurants that run the gamut from hole-in-the-wall eateries to must-visit destinations for fine dining.

Where to Work in the Bronx

Public transit makes working anywhere in NYC a real possibility no matter what borough you call home, but there are plenty of places in the Bronx to build a career. Depending on the industry you want to work in, there’s no shortage of available jobs. The NYC Economic Development Commission says unemployment has fallen to a record low. The biggest economic growth sectors in the Bronx continue to be hospitality, healthcare, and leisure, but there are also warehouse jobs and diverse start-ups galore.

Bronx Schools and Universities

The Bronx is home to several K-12 schools that are part of the greater New York City public school system and many different colleges and universities. Manhattan College is a private Catholic college that offers a broad liberal arts program. For students who want the community college experience, there’s the appropriately named Bronx Community College. Other campuses in the area include:

Two side-by-side NYC apartment buildings

Making the Most of Your Bronx Apartment Space

Life in the Bronx is what you make it, whether chaotic, fun, or laid back. One thing that’s true for anyone who lives here? Space is often at a premium. With many renters living in 1-bedroom housing or studio apartments, maximizing the space in your home is essential.

If you find that your belongings are beginning to outpace the space in your apartment or townhome, and buying a larger home may not be the answer (or a possibility), consider the flexibility and power of self storage. Self storage units like those available at Prime Storage come in many different sizes, meaning there’s enough room for anyone to store their belongings when Life Demands Space.

Find Convenient Storage Near Your Bronx Home

Finding affordable self storage near you has never been easier—even in a bustling place like The Bronx. Prime Storage offers several convenient locations in the New York City area. And with amenities like climate control and drive-up access, you have plenty of flexibility regarding how and where to store your belongings. Contact us today to learn more about storage or tips about what to do after moving to the Bronx.

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