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What to Do in Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine, is a great place to live. But what is there to do there? We’ve got you covered with the Prime Storage guide to Portland, ME.

Sitting at approximately 66,000 inhabitants, Portland stands resilient as Maine’s largest city, with nearly half of all the state’s residents living within the greater Portland area. But chances are, when you hear the name ‘Portland,’ a city on the other side of the country comes to mind. So, if you’re moving to Portland, Maine, visiting the area for a bit, or live not too far from it, such as Scarborough or Saco, Maine, you might be wondering what the city has to offer.

Fortunately, Prime Storage is ahead of you on that one. We’ve gone ahead and compiled several of Portland’s mainstays, so you can experience the culture, dining, and entertainment available across the city, as well as other attractions that will make your time there one to remember.

Old Port

old port in Portland, ME

The cultural and commercial epicenter of Portland, Maine, Old Port upholds the historical veneer of the city while being very much alive with everyday activity. Dressed in cobblestone roads, 19th century architecture, and the savory scents of seafood, Old Port thrives as the urban heart of the city.

From the waterfront with its ferries and cruises, to tongue-tingling dining experiences, a landscape of shopping outlets, boutiques, theaters, local art galleries, and more, the Old Port thoroughfare is decked with activities to fill your morning, day, and night. Even if you’re not looking to spend any money, it’s a popular local spot for walks, people-watching, and chatting with friends.

If you’re a connoisseur of the arts, you’re spoiled for choice, as well. There’s an entire district of the imaginative and the expertful for you to observe, from galleries, to museums, and beyond.

Eastern Promenade

If your agenda is to find a picturesque location in Portland for photos, reading, or a good walk, you’ll have few options that surpass the waterfront of the Eastern Promenade. A 68-acre waterfront park, this stretch of land was once an old rail line, but now it plays host to hiking trails, picnic vistas, and panoramic views of the bay that stir the heart. Pick out a trail and get going. Whether your journey involves a friend, or if you’d prefer to commune with nature by yourself, the promenade is indisputable in the beauty and space that it offers.

Portland Observatory

Portland Observatory

Delighting in the historical, maritime appeal of Portland, Maine, the Portland Observatory is a proud landmark teeming with cultural significance. A boon to captains, merchants, and the community of Portland in its formative years, the observatory offers a view unlike anywhere else in the city. Scale to its peak and soak in views of the Atlantic.

The Casco Bay Islands

We saved one of the most popular tourist destinations for the end. The Casco Bay Islands are a collective of islands just off the shore of Portland. With year-round access and slew of individual personalities, these islands are a great escape from the larger Portland area. Each featuring attractions and history unto themselves, you can easily make a full day (or more) off of venturing through their nature and communities.

Want to embrace adventure? Find it in the lush forests of Great Diamond, or stroll through the unpaved, scenic vista of Cliff Island, or hike and swim around Diamond Cove. Whatever your preference, there’s a good chance one of these islands will call your name. You can even stay overnight at one of the local motels, or an Airbnb.

Self Storage in Portland, Maine

Lighthouse in Portland, ME

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