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Renting a Truck vs Hiring Movers: Pros and Cons

Deciding between renting a truck and moving on your own or hiring professionals? Let’s look at the pros and cons of both.

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Sometimes when you’re in the middle of making a lot of moving decisions, it can add unnecessary stress trying to weigh the merits of renting a truck versus hiring a team of movers to help get the job done. Fortunately, Prime Storage is ahead of you on this and it’d be our pleasure to share a few moving tips about whether truck rental is the best decision for your moving needs or not.

Renting a Truck and Moving On Your Own

A tried and true method for expediting your life transition, what are the pros and cons of renting a truck to complete your move?

Reasons to DIY Your Move

First and foremost, the greatest advantage of truck rental is the availability of space and minimized trips to-and-from locations. Depending on the size of the truck you rent, you could transfer all of your belongings in a single run, possibly saving you hours or days of transit time, loading and unloading your things.

It could also be a cheaper option, but only if approached with consideration for all costs, not just the price of the truck itself. Depending on the types of belongings and route of transit, you may need to account for fuel cost, tolls, and packing supplies. A cheap truck rental isn’t worth it if you end up spending more money on extra packing supplies or a lot of gas, so you’ll want to be considerate of these external factors.

Potential Headaches When Renting a Moving Truck

Have you ever driven a large vehicle such as a moving truck before? If not, the lack of trained spatial awareness might make the excursion more stressful than it’s worth, especially if you’re planning on moving across the country. 

You’ll also need to ensure that your packing job is competent, otherwise you risk your belongings moving and shifting in transit, possibly damaging them. If you’re confident you can do all of this, it’s not a problem. Worried about sustaining harm to your belongings? You may want to consider the next option, instead.

Hiring Movers

Moving companies are an increasingly popular option for moving all of your stuff from one place to another. Let’s talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of their service.

Reasons to Hire Movers

As professional movers, a moving team is quick, efficient, and makes your physical burden much less. They will not only listen to your moving specifications for delicate items, but they will secure everything so nothing is damaged during transportation. In the circumstance something does happen to any of your things, you can take it to the company for compensation, unlike if a friend accidentally dropped your desk or something similar.

Potential Issues with Hiring Movers

A moving company, though undoubtedly helpful in many ways, is not easy on the wallet. In addition, you need to coordinate timing and make decisions about what’s being packed by the movers and what you’ll be moving. Some movers charge by the hour and other companies charge by total load. In addition, hiring movers to take your items across the country can sometimes take longer than if you drive the truck yourself.

Find Storage Across The Country

Besides moving companies and rental trucks, another reliable and versatile moving tool at your disposal is additional storage. Renting a self storage unit can help you stay organized as you prepare for and unpack after your move. Prime Storage offers affordable, convenient storage options across the country at over 200 locations! Visit a storage facility near you to learn more about storage, proper packing, and how we can help make your move even easier!

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