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Moving to Phoenix, Arizona: A Guide

New to the Phoenix area, or considering a move? Prime Storage has the guide for you, plus the self storage units you need along the way.

Tucked into the warm, desert heat and teeming with Southern hospitality at a population of over 1.6 million people is the Arizona capital city of Phoenix. Explosively popular with people of all ages and featuring beautiful mountainous frontiers, Phoenix is ripe with recreational and professional opportunity.

We at Prime Storage love Phoenix, and we want to share some things about moving to Phoenix, such as the attractions and where to find self storage.

Moving to Phoenix

One of Phoenix’s big claims to fame lately is in its growth. Phoenix is America’s fastest-growing big city , where it has become the fifth largest city in the country. The Phoenix suburb of Buckeye grew a mind-boggling 80% over the last 10 years.

Despite its growth, Phoenix is relatively affordable – certainly more so than some of the other large cities in the country. According to a 2022 survey, Phoenix has a 5.1% higher cost of living than the national average (compared to a 86.1% higher cost of living for San Francisco, CA and 56.1% higher cost of living for Washington DC), with energy and housing expenses as some of the reasons for that increase.  

There’s a little bit of everything for those moving to Phoenix, which has great universities, a wide variety of suburbs, and plenty of natural beauty. 

Fun Things to Do in Phoenix

From the nightlife to the mountain trails to a quick dip in one of the (many) public pools, Phoenix is bountiful in its opportunities for recreation and entertainment. Let’s explore some notable ones. 

Hot Balloon Rides

Hot air balloons in Phoenix, AZ

Hitch a ride on a hot air balloon! If you’ve never gone before, we highly encourage you to make a day of it and go at least once. We prefer to take off near sunset, so we can watch the sun dip below the horizon from the best seat in the house: the sky! Grab your favorite person and go on a romantic balloon date, or go it alone and enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with taking your feet off the ground.

A Night on the Town

The nightlife in Phoenix is nothing to sneeze at. Regardless of your priorities, in a city with this many people and places, you’ll find whatever you want, if you look long enough. But let’s help narrow down your options, why don’t we?

For a relaxing night with a good view of downtown, try From the Rooftop. This cocktail bar and lounge has, as the name implies, a rooftop panoramic view of the city lights, easily enjoyed to the tune of gentle music and your favorite spirits.

Club Dwntwn features three different rooms for different styles of dance music, and it’s packed with people on the weekends. If you’re looking to dance away the night hours with friends, this could be for you.

The 007 Pub is a great haunt for those more interested in a traditional restaurant experience. Grab your favorite ice-cold beverage, enjoy some live music, or jump in on the next night of karaoke to show them what you’re made of!

Go for a Hike

You will not be starved for hiking options in Phoenix, no matter what fitness level you’re at! For those who are newer to the hobby, or simply aren’t interested in a difficult day in the sun, we recommend the beautiful (and easy) Lost Dog Wash Trail and Granite Mountain Loop Trail. Both of these will immerse you in the wild throes of desert nature, without pushing you to your limits. 

For those seeking a greater personal challenge, our favorite trails include the Butcher Jones trail, which isn’t too difficult and has some spectacular waterfront vistas, or Camelback Mountain via Echo Canyon, where scaling to its summit is bound to test your resolve, especially on a hot, sunny day!

Self Storage in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is large, robust, and bursting with personality. We feel like we only scratched the surface of fun things to do in Phoenix—after all, a city doesn’t become the fastest-growing in America for no reason at all.  

But if Phoenix has already captured your heart and you want to stay, some extra storage space can go a long way in making your move a successful one. Your belongings are important to you and we’d love nothing more than to help provide a stress-free move.

With three Phoenix area storage facilities, Prime Storage is here to help. Ready to take the plunge? Explore our storage unit size guide or reach out to us at 888.846.6503 to get started!

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