Labeled Moving Boxes

Getting Ready for Move-In Day at Your New Apartment

Have you ever heard anyone say that their move was easy-breezy? Likely not . . . There is an endless laundry list (sometimes literally) of tasks to do before moving into a new apartment. Between utilities and cleaning, you’ll have your hands full! We want to help make your move a little more easy-breezy with some moving tips for tasks to get done prior to moving in.

First Things First . . . Renters Insurance

Once you have your move-in date, consider reaching out to your auto insurance to see if they offer any bundled insurance packages. Oddly enough, you’ll sometimes find that bundling your home and auto insurance will decrease your overall insurance cost (do we sound like a commercial?).

If this is not the case, you can utilize free online tools to compare rates based on where you live. All renters insurance should cover your in-home assets, including possessions of all shapes and sizes, along with any liability. It’s generally very affordable.

Label Your Boxes in Detail

Labeled moving boxes

A sharpie and a few minutes of your time will help you immensely in your move. Labeling your boxes in detail will make your transition into your new apartment a whole lot easier. Simple descriptions on boxes like kitchen hand towels versus kitchen bowls and plates will create an easier moving environment.

Put Utilities in Your Name

Switching utilities over before move-in day

The idea of living without gas, water, or even your internet service for a few days is a little bit scary – especially in this day and age. You’ll want to check this task off the list right away and if possible, do it before your move-in date so that your transition can be less stressful.

Your lease should include a list of utilities that will be your responsibility along with a list of utilities that your landlord or leasing company will cover, if any. Upon signing your lease, one of the first questions you’ll want to ask your landlord or leasing company is who services your utilities.

You’ll want to understand your options and have an idea of which provider makes the most sense for you. You’ll also want to have an idea of what the installation process will look like.

We’d like to think that utility companies have worked toward streamlining the process of transferring services for folks who are moving, however, that doesn’t always feel like the case. You might find yourself making multiple phone calls to the same provider, just to ensure that they have the right apartment number.

Change of Address

Close up of a driver's license

Changing your address might seem like a small task, but in reality, this small task can be so helpful. It will save you from so many headaches in the long run. Some address changes are more important than others, but if you’re confident you’ll be at your new address for at least a year, it’s best to get that address updated everywhere you can.

When relocating, make sure to take your mail with you! Update your mailing address through USPS right on the MYMOVE website. You’ll likely have to incur a small fee to verify your identity. You also have the option to do this in person at any post office should you choose.

Following your address change with USPS, you’ll want to update it with the DMV. You can also do this in person or by visiting the DMV’s website.

Other places you’ll want to note your change of address:

1.     Car insurance

2.     Banks and all relevant financial institutions  

3.     Loan Issuers

4.     Phone Service

5.     Employer

6.     Doctors and Specialists

Get Ready to Clean

Cleaning light switches after you move

Bring cleaning supplies with you or make sure that you can effortlessly find the box they’ve been packed into for easier access. Between the old tenant moving out and you moving in, you’ll likely want to re-clean. Consider things like the inside of the refrigerator, toilet seats, the shower floor, sinks, door handles, thermostats, and light switches. Often, these high-touch areas are overlooked or forgotten about.

Make Sure You Can Get In

Landlord handing over new apartment keys to tenant on move-in day

Double-check to see where you can pick up your new keys or if you are able to meet someone at the apartment. Prior to the move, make sure you have any passcodes that will allow you to enter the property. Does your new apartment have a garage or a separate storage area? Do you have your garage door opener and a key to your basement storage unit? Unloading these items first will help the unpacking process for the remainder of the items going through your apartment.

If you need space to store your things between moves, Prime Storage has facilities nationwide with flexible month-to-month leases. You can check out our variety of storage unit sizes or contact one of our storage professionals to find a self storage unit that will best fit your needs.

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