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Five Things to Consider When Moving to Baltimore, MD

Are you moving to Baltimore, MD? Do you have questions about the city that need answered before you find a place to live? At Prime Storage, we love Baltimore. So much so that we have three facilities in the Baltimore area! Before you get settled or start your house hunting journey, stop to think about the following questions. And if you need more advice, don’t hesitate to ask the friendly faces at our Baltimore locations for more info!

How important is public transportation?

If you’re a regular driver, you should know that traffic in Baltimore is actually pretty manageable; in fact, thousands of people regularly commute into Washington, D.C. each day for work. But if public transit is something you plan on taking advantage of, there’s a wealth of information and services available. Whether you’re interested in the Baltimore Water Taxi or the Light Rail, there are plenty of options to get around.

What can I do in Baltimore for fun?

As a “city of neighborhoods,” Baltimore is divided into nine distinct geographical regions with several smaller neighborhoods located within. Thanks to this diversity of neighborhoods, Baltimore has no shortage of fun things to do! From families to young professionals, the city offers plenty of activities to choose from.

If you love baseball, take in an Orioles game at Camden Yards. Visit the National Aquarium, Maryland Zoo, or one of several area art museums. If you’re a beer enthusiast, a craft beer tour might be right up your alley. 

If you feel like you’ve taken in everything there is to see in the city, Baltimore is a great home base to explore other parts of the East Coast. Its central location means that you can be in D.C. in an hour via train, and Philadelphia and New York aren’t much farther away.

What about schools in Baltimore?

Baltimore County boasts over 150 public schools and an enrollment of over 114,000 students. School pride is especially important in Baltimore, and several rivalries exist among different high schools. Several institutions offer Advanced Placement classes and boast 98% graduation rates. 

What’s the weather like in Baltimore?

Baltimore’s humid subtropical climate means long, hot summers and cool winters. Precipitation usually peaks in the summer. One quirk of Baltimore weather is that you may see more snow depending on where in the city you live. Thanks to the Chesapeake Bay, inland and suburban areas might be cooler than the city itself or any of the neighboring coastal towns. The northern and western suburbs, however, have been known to see significant snowfall each winter. 

You’re not far from affordable self storage.

Wherever you choose to live and/or work in Baltimore, the last thing you should know is that convenient storage for all your belongings is not far from home. At Prime Storage, we understand that Life Demands Space®, and that moving to a brand new city is an exciting—if sometimes stressful—process. That’s why we’re here to make it easier. If you need a temporary home for your belongings while you house hunt, visit one of our three Baltimore-area facilities today!

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