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Life Demands Space: Combining Households

Figuring out how to combine two households can be tricky. Couples moving in together is fun, but here are our tips to make it as easy as possible.

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Generally speaking, no one likes to move. It’s exhausting and stressful and the best part is when it’s over. Couples moving in together have some big decisions to make in regards to the process. In addition to thinking about the financial aspects, there’s also practical considerations to keep in mind.

If you’ve ever had questions about how to combine two households, it’s best to get them answered before you start the process. Moving can become even more of a headache if you don’t have these important conversations beforehand. As you start the process, the following tips can help you figure out what steps to take.

Combining Finances

Combining finances is a big decision for any family, but it may not always be the right option. Some couples decide early to open up one joint account and deposit everything into it. Another option is to keep separate accounts for some expenses and a joint account for others. Before you think about combining finances, you might want to take the following details into account:

  • Income: Income disparity is real, and it’s important for both partners to be transparent about spending habits and lifestyle prior to combining finances. Combined finances can help with subjects like household budgets and shared goals, but it can also create friction if one person is a heavier spender than the other.
  • Autonomy: Life happens, and combined finances can often make any kind of separation more complicated. No one likes to think about unhappy endings, but learning more about a prenuptial agreement can help ease this burden.

Combining Household Goods

Depending on how much stuff you’ve accumulated, figuring out how to combine your belongings can feel a little more complicated than finances. Appliances both small and large take up a lot of space. Inherited dish sets have sentimental value. And that doesn’t even factor in how to share a closet if you’re used to taking up every available inch of space yourself.

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Decide Whose Furniture Gets to Move

Depending on your decorating style and budget, your furniture may not join you as you combine households. It might be time to say goodbye to the hand-me-down sofa or futon you’ve been carting around since college. And if two people with small beds are considering moving into one room, it might be time to upgrade.

Take an Inventory of Smaller Items

It may sound silly, but the best way to make sure you have everything you need is to take inventory. For every duplicate item on your list, consider what you don’t have. Rarely will you need two microwaves, blenders, toasters, or other appliances. Based on the amount of space you have, two refrigerators might be useful, but that’s out of the ordinary. Depending on the amount of entertaining you do, packing up and storing additional dishware and silverware in the basement can be a good idea.

Find a Place to Store Unwanted or Unneeded Items

If you know you want to keep certain items because of sentimental value or out of a practical purpose, they’ll need a place to live. We’ve already touched on basements and closets, but sometimes those areas don’t have the required space. If you’re planning on holding onto them, a self storage unit can give you the much-needed space to store them.

How Self Storage Helps You Combine Households

Renting a storage unit can help you combine households at your own speed. When you rent a storage unit at a nearby facility, you can choose your size—from small personal closets to larger units that can fit the contents of a house. Self storage facilities don’t usually require long-term contracts, which means you can rent for as long or short a time as you need. Other amenities you can find at a storage facility include boxes and packing supplies for sale, which can help facilitate your move. Some locations even offer free truck rental, allowing you to get your items to (or from) the facility without making multiple trips.

How to Choose the Right Storage Unit

If most of your stored belongings are typically found in the garage, like a lawnmower or tools, you can probably get by with a regular drive-up storage unit. For items that may be susceptible to high or freezing temperatures, a climate controlled space can keep them within a comfortable temperature. This option is best for items like electronics, appliances, wooden or cloth furniture, and mattresses.

No matter what type of unit you choose, you’ll always have the flexibility to move if needed; find that you’re running out of space? Upgrade to a larger storage unit. Need something smaller? As long as there’s space available, you can downsize to a smaller unit.

Where to Rent Storage Near You

If self storage appeals to you as you and your partner combine households, the next step is to find a location close by that allows for easy rental and move-in, with great customer service to match. Affordable self storage with Prime Storage offers all these qualities. Whether you have questions about the cost of a storage unit, what items are best stored, or how to move in, our friendly team of storage professionals can help.

Rent Your Storage Unit Today

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Life events are a big deal, whether you’re moving in together before or after your wedding day. Ready to move in? Need boxes to help pack things up? Visit your nearest Prime Storage facility today and learn how storage can keep you organized before, during, and after you and your partner move in together.

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