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4 Myrtle Beach Destinations for New Residents

Moving to Myrtle Beach? Here are some local destinations from your Myrtle Beach storage professionals at Prime Storage.

Are you new to Myrtle Beach and wondering what all this excellent city has to offer? Aside from the sand swept beaches, umbrellas, and salty air galore, there’s plenty more for the adventurous heart to seek and find in this pocket of South Carolina. Life in Myrtle Beach can be very exciting if you know where to look.  We’ve listed four destinations to get you started.  And if you need some Myrtle Beach storage to ease your transition to a new city, we’ve got your back there, too.

#1: Flame On with the Polynesian Fire Luau and Dinner Show

With this fire luau and dinner show, the spirit and culture of the Polynesian islands reach South Carolina’s shores without you needing to trek over the sea. Indulge in a buffet dinner that escalates into a dazzling performance of fire and dance. You’ll be thinking and talking about the impact of its live music, acrobatics, and the enthusiastic showmanship of the fire knife champions long after you go home and leave the night behind. 

Shows are only available in the summer and early fall, and feature performers from various Polynesian isles.

#2: Ride at the Family Kingdom Amusement Park

Where do you land on the spectrum of thrill-seeker? Whether a fan of the casual ride or something a little more intense, if you’re moving to Myrtle Beach, this old-fashioned amusement park will have you covered. It proudly dons a vintage entertainment flare, such as an all-wooden roller coaster, iconic Go-Kart tracks, rocking Log Flume, charming carousel, and the largest Ferris wheel you’ll find in South Carolina. These are only a few of over thirty theme park ride attractions, creating a versatile amusement experience for any group of friends or family.

Plus, of course, many culinary theme park staples are available to satisfy your cravings. The sweet, the salty, and the savory are yours for the picking.

#3: Walk Through Cinema History at the Hollywood Wax Museum

Take an afternoon to explore the halls of the Hollywood Wax Museum and their eerily realistic (but utterly fascinating) sculptures, capturing actors, characters, creatures, and set pieces from across decades of silver screen brilliance. Take a selfie with Indiana Jones next to the Holy Grail, or while you get “attacked” by a facehugger Xenomorph, or take a trip through the mirror maze and try to get out the other side without bumping into anything.

For those with a slightly thicker skin, the zombie outbreak exhibit is a menacing maze chocked full of cool details and light horror amenities to make you jump.

#4: Take to the Sea with a Boat Tour

a view of the coastline and beach at myrtle beach

Get some sun and some spray with one of Myrtle Beach’s many popular boat tour services. Perfect for the nature-lover inside you, these tours on the ocean blue will create an opportunity for you to learn and appreciate a new side of the sea. You can even take a dolphin watch tour, there’s a modest chance you may even cross a few of them as they glide through the water, their dorsals breaking each wave.

Even if you don’t see many dolphins, the boat captains are fun, enrapturing guests with witty banter and insightful knowledge of the ocean. Life in Myrtle Beach is coastal, so take a moment to learn about the coast you’ll call home.

Myrtle Beach Storage Near You

Whether you’ve come for school, work, family, or whatever other offering life has brought your way, you’re here to call Myrtle Beach home. And, let’s face it, making life transitions like that can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to parse out and organize your belongings. Sometimes, it can be stressful just figuring out what to do with it all.

Prime Storage wants to help alleviate the challenges that come with this major life transition. With indoor, drive up, and parking spaces, we have a variety of Myrtle Beach storage unit options available for your consideration. 

If you’ve found you don’t have the space for that treasured vanity, or your favorite couch, and aren’t willing to part ways with it, then one of our storage units may be a great option for you.

Your spare boxes and belongings are important to you; there’s no need to sell or trash them. Reach out to one of our professionals at 888.846.6503 if you have any questions!

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